French verbal tenses

Simple present:
How to form the simple present tense in French

1. Verbs ending in -er:
(The verbs in this group make up for almost 90% of all French verbs.)

voyager (to travel)
je voyage
I travel
tu voyages
you travel
il, elle, on voyage
he/she/it travels
nous voyageons *
we travel
vous voyagez
you travel
ils, elles voyagent
they travel

*The «e» between word stem and word ending ensures the correct pronunciation from first person singular to third person plural.

2. Verbs with -re ending

attendre (to wait)
I wait
tu attends
you wait
il, elle, on attend*
he/she/it waits
nous attendons
we wait
vous attendez
you wait
ils, elles attendent
they wait

*Third person singular equals the word stem of «attend».

3. Verbs ending in -ir

Verbs with the ending «-ir» are divided into two groups according to the following rules:

Group 1 contains verbs with «ss» between word stem and word ending. The «i» of «-ir» is also kept.

finir (to finish, to end)
je finis
I finish
tu finis
you finish
il, elle, on finit
he/she/it finishes
nous finissons
we finish
vous finissez
you finish
ils, elles finissent
they finish

Group 2 applies to the same principle as verbs with «-er» ending. There is no «i» in the conjugation.

mentir (to lie)
je mens
I lie
tu mens
you lie
il, elle, on ment
he/she/it lies
nous mentons
we lie
vous mentez
you lie
ils, elles mentent
they lie



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