Formation of the Present subjunctive

Stem of 3rd person plural + subjunctive-ending

entendre (to hear) – subjonctif présent
que j'entende
(that) I hear
que tu entendes
(that) you hear
qu'il/elle/on entende
(that) he/she/it hears
que nous entendions
(that) we hear
que vous entendiez
(that) you hear
qu'ils, elles entendent
(that) they hear

How to use the subjunctive:
The following expressions, words, idioms etc. are followed by the subjunctive:

  • to want to demand
    → vouloir que
  • to feel about to personally rate or estimate
    → trouver étonnant que
  • to say/to mean (opinion)/to believe/to think in negated sentences
    → je ne pense pas/ je ne crois pas/ je ne trouve pas
  • to doubt:
    → douter que (to doubt, that)
  • statements about things possible/likely, eventual or certain:
    → probable que, possible que (likely that, possible that) after the superlative

💬 For Example:
Je ne crois pas que Christine soit en retard.
– I don't think Christine is late.

Je doute que le temps soit beau demain.
– I doubt that the weather will be nice tomorrow.

Marie veut que son fils devienne acteur de théâtre.
– Marie wants her son to become a theatre actor.

Aujourd'hui je pars plus tĂ´t pour que j'arrive Ă  l'heure Ă  la fĂŞte.
– Today I'm leaving early so that I can arrive on time for the party.


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