“Learn English as a foreign language online (EFL/ESL) – with only 17 minutes of study per day”
You will be able to speak to others in English in just 3 hours of learning, how exciting!
Learn with 17 Minute Languages:
Quality, efficiency, fun and tailored to your learning needs – a language course that's a cut above the rest!
Learn English in only 17 minutes a day ...that's the magic number!
The secret to your learning success is the unique long term learning method – learning more in less time with the assurance that you will remember it permanently.
You will achieve this success by listening to the super learning music while you learn.
A course designed to meet the needs of the learner: software that delivers at your pace, making the best use of your time.
The variety of learning methods guarantees fun and success and motivates you to continue learning English every day.

Select your English course and choose your language of instruction here:

  • Learn English for German native speakers
  • Learn English for Brazilians
  • Learn English for French speakers
  • Learn English for Croatian speakers
  • Learn English for Spanish speakers
  • Learn English for Greek speakers
  • Learn English for Italian speakers
  • Learn English for Japanese speakers
  • Learn English for Lithuanian speakers
  • Learn English for Dutch speakers
  • Learn English for Polish speakers
  • Learn English for Russian speakers
  • Learn English for Swedish speakers
  • Learn English for Czech speakers
  • Learn English for Portuguese speakers
  • Learn English for Indonesian speakers
Why does 17 Minutes Languages stand out from the rest?

The perfect solution for anyone who needs to learn English fast when moving to an English speaking country.
All the learning methods in this course will help you reach your goal quickly, effectively and above all, with fun.
The English course is taught in 14 teaching languages.
It is always better to be taught in your mother tongue or preferred language for guaranteed success.
If you are already attending an English course and want that little extra support or want to learn more and faster, then, this course is the perfect companion!
17 Minute Language's English courses stand out from the rest


English courses – all levels:

learn English with 17 Minute Languages

Learn English for beginners: levels A1/A2
English as a foreign language at level B1/B2 - the course for advanced learners
English as a second language at level C1/C2 – perfect your English skills with targeted vocabulary training
English for Business – the essential English vocabulary training in order to carry out business professionally and quickly

English courses on all levels from 17 Minute Languages

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