"This free book will show you on only 168 pages how to learn a new language in no time"
Learn all the tricks that will help you learn any language quickly and efficiently—much faster than you could have ever imagined!
You'll learn how to memorize new words correctly, remember them up to three times faster by using association chains, and how to never forget them again by repeating them at just the right time.
You'll be shown how to greatly simplify grammar learning and how just five verbs—learned correctly—can give you a huge head start.
By turning learning into an engaging game, you'll motivate yourself to keep learning every day.
At the same time, you'll become relaxed and extra receptive when you use the superlearning techniques described in this book while learning.
After only three hours, you will be able to hold your first conversations with these tricks and after 50 hours of learning, you will be fluent in the language.
Written in a simple and understandable way—short reading time—immediately applicable!

In addition to this book, you will get a 2-day access to a language course in one of 80 languages of your choice:

The language courses teach you a new language way faster than with conventional learning methods—and with only 17 minutes of required learning time per day.
You will get a fast and highly efficient learning method that is actually enjoyable:
First conversations are possible after 3 hours – fluent language skills after 50 hours of studying – for PC, smartphone and tablet.
Recommended study time: only 17 minutes per day.
Thanks to the unique long-term memory method which is the base of the courses programming, you will never forget the language again.
With the new Superlearning technology, you can concentrate better and achieve your study goals 32% faster than before.
All exercises are given to you by the software for each day according to your individual learning process:
This means that you learn the new language naturally and in the most efficient way.
The varied learning methods of the course software assure a quick success as well as a fun time while studying and motivate you to keep on learning every day.
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