Formation of the French future tenses:

'futur composé'

The ‘futur composé’ is formed as follows:

conjugated form of «aller» (to go) in present simple + infinitive of the verb

chanter (to sing) – futur composĂ©
je vais chanter
I am going to sing
tu vas chanter
you are going to sing
il, elle va chanter
he/she is going to sing
nous allons chanter
we are going to sing
vous allez chanter
you are going to sing
ils, elles vont chanter
they are going to sing

'futur simple'

Verbs with -er ending:

Infinitive without «-r» (regarder , en. to regard, to look at) + future-ending

Verbs with -re ending:

Infinitive without «-re» (attendre, en. to wait) + future-ending

Verbs with -ir ending:

Infinitive without «-r» (mentir , en. to lie ) + future-ending

chanter (to sing) – future simple
je chanterai
I will sing
tu chanteras
you will sing
il, elle chantera
he/she will sing
nous chanterons
we will sing
vous chanterez
you will sing
ils, elles chanteront
they will sing



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