The definite Article

Feminine nouns in French take the definite article «la». Masculine French nouns come together with «le» as the definite article.

💬 For Example:
le pain – the bread
la lune – the moon

If the noun starts with a vocal (a/e/i/o/u) or the consonant 'h', both definite articles are shortened to «l'».
But you should always know the grammatical gender of the noun – we therefore like to suggest:
Please, pay extra attention to the grammatical gender of these words nevertheless.

💬 For Example:
l' hôtel (m) – the hotel
l' héroïne (f) – the heroine
l' exposition (m) – the exhibition
l' abeille (f) – the (honey)bee

Please note:
There are some exceptions to the above mentioned rule.
You should learn these by heart:

  • la haine – the hatred
  • le hĂ©ros – the hero
  • le hibou – the owl

Synopsis: French definite article
le/ l'
la/ l'

💬 For Example:
→ L'Inde (f) est un beau pays.
– India is a beautiful country.

As the table above shows, the definite article in French is «les» – for both genders.
→ Les grenouilles (f, pl) sont au bord de l'étang.
– The frogs are by the pond.



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