Building the future tense in Serbian:

Now, let's take a look into the future and learn to express everything we wish for in the Serbian future tense.
General rule for building the Serbian future tense:

present tense of “htjeti” + infinitive of the verb
jа ћу/ ja ću – I will
ти ћеш / ti ćeš – you will
он, она, оно ће / on, ona, ono će – he, she, it will
ми ћемо / mi ćemo – we will
ви ћете / vi ćete – ihr werdet; oni će – you will
хоће / hoće – they will

Please note that the future tense in serbian as shown can be translated in Serbian as both 'will' and 'going to' future.

For example:
Време ће бити добро / Vreme će biti dobro. – The weather will be good.
Ја ћу учити / ja ću učiti – I‘m going to study


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