The Clitic (support words) in Serbian:

The clitics are monosyllabic “supporting words” that have a fixed place in the sentence structure.
The correct placement of clitics is the true mastery of the Serbian language.

Clitics always appear in the following order:

  1. first comes the question particles “ли/li”
  3. followed by the verbal particles...
    • сам/sam, си/si, је/je, смо/smo, сте/ste, су/su
      (short for “biti” in the present tense)
    • ћу/ću, ћеш/ćeš, ће/će, ћемо/ćemo, ћете/ćete
      (short for “htjeti”)
    • бих/bih, би/bi, бисмо/bismo, бисте/biste (aorist forms of “biti”)
  5. in third place are the pronominal particles
    (first in the dative, then in the accusative)
  7. in the fourth place follows the unstressed form of the reflexive pronoun „се /se“
For example:
Знаш ли где је WC (тоалет)?/
Znaš li gde je WC (toalet)?
(Do you know where the restrooms are?)
И ја бих радије становала сама./
I ja bih radije stanovala sama.
(I would also rather live alone.)


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