What is the 'aspect' of a Serbian verb?

Let's tackle a brand new grammatical concept!

Maybe you already heard of this or read about it: Serbian verbs also come with an 'aspect'.
Understanding what the grammatical concept of the aspect is, may decide over your success in learning Serbian.
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The term 'aspect' refers to the line of sight that the narrator of sentence has on the events.
The aspect of a verb helps to describe how (the manner/ the modality) the events take place.
Serbian verbs distinguish a imperfective and a perfective aspect.
The following table shows the differences and will help you to pick the correct aspect type.

Synopsis: Verbal aspect in Serbian

Imperfective verbal aspect: Perfective verbal aspect:
keyword: time and time again ... keyword: now!
focus is on the progression of the action focus is on the result of the action
happens time and time again /
recurring action
happens only one time
Марко продаје аутомобиле./
Marko prodaje automobile.
(Marko sells cars.)
Марко је брзо продао свој стари ауто./
Marko je brzo prodao svoj stari auto.
(Marko quickly sold his old car.)


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