"The ideal preparation for anyone planning to go to Serbia as an Au pair!"

The au pair experience gives you a multi-faceted insight into family and everyday life in Serbia!
Au pairs often complain about being insufficiently prepared by school or ordinary language courses.
This vocabulary list aims to rectify this.
The Serbian-Language course with a special vocabulary trainer for Au-pairs offers a comprehensive collection of useful vocabulary relevant to the everyday life of the Au pair.
Serbian language course with vocabulary trainer for au-pairs

Structure of the Serbian-Special Vocabulary trainer for Au-pairs

  • Learn and repeat a comprehensive and everyday relevant vocabulary on the topic of "au-pair", sorted by essential topics.
  • Over 2,000 Serbian words and phrases are sensibly arranged and ideally prepared for learning within one lesson.
  • Prepare successfully for your stay abroad as an au-pair with this multimedia and varied vocabulary trainer.
  • This makes learning vocabulary fun!
    In this software you will find different learning methods, many tests and numerous innovative exercises – for contemporary learning with fun and success for every learning type!
  • Unique Language Learning – Long-Term Memory Learning Method: Learn Serbian at breathtaking speed without ever forgetting the vocabulary again!
working as an au pair in Serbia

Multimedia software

  • With numerous interactive learning methods
  • For Windows / Linux / Mac OS / Android tablets & smartphones / iPads & iPhones.
  • The 38 topics provide an essential guide to any au pair just about to set off on their new adventure.
  • Latest version – completely revised in 2024.
  • Well over 2,000 useful, everyday words and phrases.
  • 31 days money-back guarantee: try the language course for yourself, if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund you 100% of the purchase price.
learn Serbian for au pairs

Topics of the online language course "Serbian for Au pairs"

Applying for a job as an Au pair in Serbia
Supporting and educating children
Playing with children
Taking care of babies and toddlers
Describe illnesses and emergencies
Doing housework, go shopping for groceries and supplies
Naming items of furniture and utensils
Preparing meals
Learning the names of different foods
Learning Serbian and attending a language course
Communicate with parents in Serbian
Planning trips and excursions

... in addition, you will find many more lessons and topics in this course that will help you during your stay abroad as an au pair!
With the special vocabulary for au pairs you will learn and repeat over 2,000 words and phrases sorted by topic and ideally prepared for learning.

ideally prepared to work as an au-pair in Serbia


Ideal preparation for your au pair stay in Serbia – with an extensive and indispensable vocabulary collection especially for au pairs

This Serbian vocabulary trainer for au-pairs holds extensive vocabulary collections on various topics applicable to au-pairs.
Each of these vocabulary collections contains useful vocabulary that has been perfectly prepared for learning and revision.
Prepare yourself for the adventure ahead in Serbia by tackling the language barriers with this list of vocabulary that will be invaluable for the situations that you will encounter.
We will help you prepare for your stay abroad as an au pair in the best possible way with a collection of indispensable vocabulary upon these topics:
For most au pairs, a little housework is also part of the job – communication is key regarding the distribution of tasks.
Here is a list of the most important words you'll need to know about furnishings and utensils as well as the main activities in the household.
Your main responsibility will be to work with children.
Our vocabulary trainer provides extensive vocabulary on playing, leisure activities and reading aloud.
"How do I present myself properly?"
In this first chapter we support you with a comprehensive vocabulary collection to write a successful application, so that you can demonstrate that you are the ideal person to take on responsibility and care for their children.
To avoid misunderstandings with parents, we recommend the chapters Communication with Parents, Problems and Conflicts and Agreements with Parents.
The useful vocabulary is sure to help you build and maintain a good relationship with parents.
Surely you've already made lots of lovely plans about how you're going to spend your days off.
Whether you just want to relax, explore the country or meet new people:
In the lessons Leisure Activities, Travel and Excursions and Making Friends you're sure to come across helpful vocabulary.
You may be a little worried about discipline and bounDari-s with the children in a foreign language, but at the same time retain your status as best playmate.
You are sure to find what you are looking for in our vocabulary list on the topic of Encouraging and Educating Children.
Taking care of babies and toddlers is something completely new for most au pairs and especially exciting for that reason.
We have compiled the most important words around bottles, prams and changing tables for you!
The best thing about being an au pair is that you become part of the family.
For this reason, we have also compiled extensive vocabulary for you on the subject of family and relatives.
But we also want to help you with organisational questions: depending on your host country, you will need to apply for a visa or at least attend a local government office and register your new address.
You will probably also need to open a bank account so that your wages can be paid into it and you can pay for goods with a card.
You will find all the relevant vocabulary on these topics in the chapters Registering with the authorities and Financial matters and paying.
Children get sick often which means you may end up getting sick too.
The vocabulary on emergencies will help when dealing with children's illnesses and to get help if necessary.
Eating and sharing meals together is central to family life.
When it comes to preparing or shopping, our extensive vocabulary around food and drink is sure to serve you well.
When dealing with your host family, it is essential to master the language.
After all, many people choose to be an au pair in Serbia with the aim of learning Serbian or improving their Serbian skills.
So if you are in the process of learning grammar or vocabulary or are planning to attend an additional language course, or are planning to take an additional language course, you will find this list a rich source of reference and further learning.
...These and many more topics are covered in the special au-pair vocabulary.
You can learn and work through a total of 38 different lessons.
You will find the relevant vocabulary intended to prepare for all areas covering the topic of "working as an au pair in Serbia".
All vocabulary collections have been translated into an authentic and contemporary Serbian.
You learn vocabulary you can really use!
Of course, all vocabulary has been recorded for you by professional Serbian speakers: if you repeat the words regularly, you will learn the correct intonation and authentic pronunciation.


This vocabulary trainer is highly recommended if you ...

... want to prepare quickly and effectively for a stay abroad as an au pair.
... want to find out about topics such as "Communicating with parents", "Children's games", "Encouraging and raising children", "Babies and toddlers", "Learning the language", "Excursions and travel" and much more through comprehensive and ideally prepared vocabulary collections.
... learn and memorise Serbian words really fast.
... want to practise expressing yourself spontaneously and fluently.

money-back guarantee
You are protected by our money-back guarantee:
Test the language course without any risk.
If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of the purchase price.
No questions asked.


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