Exceptions in building the plural form of masculine Serbian nouns:

  1. Please look out for masculine nouns ending in g, h or k:
    These consonants at the end of the word change when adding an -i for building the plural.

    г → з / g → z
    For example:
    супруг / suprug – супрузи / supruzi
    (husband – husbands)
    х → с / h → s
    For example:
    тепих / tepih – теписи / tepisi
    (carpet – carpets)
    к → ц / k → c
    For example:
    путник / putnik – путници / putnici
    (passenger – passengers)
  3. Some male nouns form their plural with the ending:
    -ови / -ovi.

    For example:
    град / grad – градови / gradovi
    (city – cities)
  5. Some nouns ending on a soft consonant form their plural with the ending:
    -еви / -evi.

    For example:
    чај / čaj – чајеви / čajevi
    (tea – teas)


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