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Fast and highly efficient learning method:
You can have your first conversation after 3 hours and become fluent after 50 hours – for PCs, smartphones and tablets!
learn Korean
This is where the Korean course differs from other language courses:
Learn as little as 17 minutes per day.
You'll never forget Korean again in your life with the unique long-term memory learning method.
With the novel superlearning technology, you'll learn 32% faster and can focus better.
The course is designed to teach you Korean on autopilot.
The learning methods will make learning Korean addictive, every single day.

The most important words in Korean:

안녕! 잘가!
An-nyeong!/ Jal-ga!
thank you
Excuse me, ...
실례합니다, ...
Sil-lyeo-ham-ni-da, ...
하나 (일)
Hana (Il)
둘 (이)
Dul (I)
셋 (삼)
Set (Sam)
넷 (사)
Net (Sa)
다섯 (오)
Da-seot (O)
여섯 (육)
Yeo-seot (Yuk)
일곱 (칠)
Il-gob (Chil)
여덟 (팔)
Yeo-deol (Pal)
아홉 (구)
A-hob (Gu)
열 (십)
Yeol (Sib)
how much?
to get to know someone
누군가를 알게 되다
un-gun-ga-reul al-ge doe-da
Good morning!
열하나 (십일)
Yeol-ha-na (Sip-il)
열둘 (십이)
Yeol-dul (Sip-i)
열셋 (십삼)
Yeol-set (Sip-sam)
열넷 (십사)
Yeol-net (Sip-sa)
열다섯 (십오)
Yeol-da-seot (Sip-o)
열여섯 (십육)
Yeol-yeo-seot (Sip-yuk)
열일곱 (십칠)
Yeol-il-gop (Sip-chil)
열여덟 (십팔)
Yeol-yeo-deol (Sip-pal)
열아홉 (십구)
Yeol-a-hop (Sip-gu)
Efficient learning methods:

Using the unique long-term memory learning method you will learn Korean in a very short time and be able to communicate fluently in Korean.
Varied daily tasks and a huge selection of learning methods will motivate you to continue learning every day.
The insider learning community of 17 Minute Languages is where you can exchange ideas with other Korean learners and make new friends with like-minded people.
This is included in the Korean course:

  • With the Korean course for beginners, you will acquire a basic vocabulary of over 1,300 words and quickly reach the A1/A2 level of the Common European Framework.
    When you choose the complete package in Korean, you will learn over 5000 words and reach level C1/C2.
  • You will learn the words in context using numerous idioms and dialogue texts within whole sentences.
  • All words and texts were recorded in our recording studio by Korean native speakers:
    This will help you memorise clear, accent-free pronunciation and correct intonation from the beginning.
  • A practical grammar guide, that offers you new exercises every day and builds your language knowledge.
  • The verb trainer and the sentence construction trainer will teach you how to form sentences and communicate fluently.
Multimedia software:

  • For Windows, Linux, macOS, iPhones, Android smartphones, iPad as well as Android tablets.
  • Latest version: The basic course Korean was completely revised in 2021.
  • Already more than 540.000 language courses sold.
  • 31 days money-back guarantee:
    Try the language course for yourself, if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund you 100% of the purchase price.

Speed up learning Korean:

Are you looking for a language course that you can use on all your devices and which will teach you the new language not only in a fun but really effective way?
This language course will always present you with all contents at the optimal time, according to your learning level.
If you choose the basic course, you will learn 1300 words and reach the A2 level.
With the complete package it is whole 5000 words and you even achieve the level C2.
In the daily tasks you will first read and hear the vocabulary.
The repetition takes place alternately by fading in and uncovering the translation or by Multiple Choice.
You repeat new words so often in the following days that you never forget them again.
In this way you memorize the translation, the correct pronunciation and the spelling of the words in a playful way.
But words alone do not form a language, so you will get suitable texts for reading and listening for the vocabulary.
By a sentence building trainer you practice beyond that to form whole sentences.
This course comes with a integrated verb trainer.
This trainer helps you to quickly learn how to build verb forms correctly.
And to make it as easy as possible for you, all content is automatically presented to you in such a way that you always continue learning at the optimal point.
Whether you learn three minutes or one hour a day is up to you.
In addition, there are many elements that motivate you to continue learning:
For example, there is a sophisticated scoring system for each word you learn.
The longer you learn during the day, the more points you get per word.
And if you learn several days without interruption, you will be rewarded extra.
After each course unit, you can compare yourself with other learners and exchange the points for bonuses - similar to a frequent flyer programme.
And every day you learn for a particularly long time, a new surprise awaits you at the end.
In addition, you will be motivated to learn even longer than the day before, because you will also receive valuable additional points and thus more bonuses.
The vocabulary is appealingly illustrated and was recorded in the recording studio by professional Korean speakers - there is no computer voice as with some other providers.
In our Learning Community you can also exchange ideas with others and look for a learning partner.
The course is an online course and you can use it any time on your computer, smartphone or tablet and change the device at any time.
And after you have learned actively, you can start the "audio trainer of the new and today not known words".
You will listen to the vocabulary in English and Korean and repeat it.
Thus the words will consolidate better.
In a short time you will be able to speak fluently with the help of the Korean course.
You will understand all words and never forget them again.
It will be easy for you to build whole sentences and it will be fun for you to converse in Korean.
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When you complete this course you will have these benefits:

Build your career!

  • You will increase your professional opportunities now that you can speak Korean more confidently.
  • You now have the skills to work in Korea whenever you wish.

Meet new people!

  • Every new language opens a door to a new world for you.
    You will meet many new and interesting people!
    Who knows: maybe the love of your life speaks Korean?
  • Are you in a bilingual relationship?
    You can impress your partner by speaking Korean!

Unforgettable experiences!

  • Broaden your horizons as you travel to Korea.
    If you can speak Korean, your trip will become an unforgettable experience:
    You will understand the country and its people better.

Make more of your free time!

  • You will be able to watch movies in Korean!
  • What a joy it is to be able to read a book in Korean!

Stay in great mental shape!

  • Scientific studies have shown:
    Continued learning increases quality of life and life expectancy.
  • Train your brain!
    Studies have shown that learning languages helps stave off dementia and Alzheimer's.




The long-term memory learning method of 17 Minute Languages:
Learn and never forget

The Korean long-term memory learning method is based on the latest findings from research on vocabulary learning.
You learn all the vocabulary of the Korean course from the beginning and repeat it in a systematic way until it is stored in your long-term memory.
This way you will remember the vocabulary permanently.
The long-term method works like this:
  1. First thing on the following day you have to correctly translate this word.
  2. The program then waits for two days.
    On the third day you will be prompted by the same word again.
    You then have to translate it correctly.
  3. The program then waits 4 more days.
    On the eighth day you will be prompted by the same word yet again.
  4. The program then waits 8 more days.
    On the ninth day you will be prompted by the same word yet again.
  5. The program then waits a final 9 days.
    You have to correctly translate the word just one more time.

If you knew the word on each occasion, by this time you will never forget it!
It is permanently stored in your long-term memory.
(Important to know: If you forgot the word to be learned on any occasion during the repetition phase, the repetition starts again.)
With this learning method, you will learn all of the vocabulary in this Korean course.
New words will be added to your lessons every day.
Your vocabulary will grow rapidly.

Daily tasks for learning Korean: The quick learning system

The daily tasks will guide you through all lessons of your language course on each learning day – according to your learning level.
Before you start learning, you choose how long you want to learn Korean today.
With the help of the long-term memory learning method of 17 Minute Languages, all contents of the course are presented in a logical and systematic way:
Using numerous innovative test methods, you will learn and repeat the Korean vocabulary until it is stored in your long-term memory.
You will be able to recall these words automatically as they are now stored in your long term memory.
Texts, phrases and idioms
The vocabulary is broken down into themes, you will learn sentences in context to each theme from the many authentic set texts and dialogues.
Soon, you can look forward to reading books and watching films in Korean in the original language.
Sentence construction trainer
With the help of the sentence construction trainer you will learn to build sentences in Korean in a relaxed and creative way!
The program automatically corrects your work.
So you will quickly grasp how sentences are build in Korean.
Verb trainer
It is the verbs that are at the heart of every language.
Here you will learn the most important verbs and their conjugated forms, you will also learn how to use the right tenses in Korean.
Words stored in your long term memory
After you complete the daily tasks, we'll show you a chart of the vocabulary learned and stored in your long-term memory.
This vocabulary list will give you a clear overview of everything you have already learned.
The visual impact of this list will motivate you and help you revise.
Add your own vocabulary to the course
You are interested in a certain topic - but find very little vocabulary in your language course?
No problem!
You can easily enter your own words and their translations in Korean into your online course.
Your new words are included in the daily tasks just like the vocabulary in the course.
The new content makes the daily tasks tailored to your interests and so becomes even more stimulating and motivating.
Your daily learning experience becomes a joy and makes you want to spend more time learning.
Learn Korean grammar
We have integrated the rules of grammar into the daily tasks:
With the help of clearly explained grammar, each chapter will take you through what you need to know in Korean from the beginning.
Using a natural conversational approach, you will learn grammar in an incremental and systematic way based on context and logic.


17 Minute Languages' exclusive insider learning community:

When you have completed your daily tasks you have the possibility to transfer your score online.
This is free of charge. You do not have to register for this.
You can compare your scores with other learners.
Check out who is behind the top scores (of all courses).
Similar to a frequent flyer program, the points you earn can be redeemed for over 50 valuable rewards.
The more you learn the more you earn :)
Connect with others!
Share your knowledge and grow together with our insider learning community of 17 Minute Languages.
Find a tandem partner from Korea and support and motivate each other while learning.
Make interesting friends with other Korean learners or people from from Korea.



Varied exercises that are fun and engaging:

Variety is key to learning.
When learning becomes monotonous you can quickly lose interest and become frustrated.
To prevent this from happening, we have made sure to include a variety of learning methods, visualisations and bonuses to keep you wanting more!
You will look forward to learning Korean with 17 Minute Languages, we tick all boxes when it comes to achieving fluency and in record time.
Our software cleverly presents new vocabulary according to a sophisticated system.
You will repeat them as long as it takes to know them in your sleep.
The program is designed to grow as your knowledge grows.
You will be presented new words between repetitions within a variety of daily tasks.
Varied learning methods (eye catching illustrated vocabulary, multiple-choice exercises, assignment games, translation from and into the foreign language, dictation) guarantee you lasting pleasure while learning.
You will receive points for all the vocabulary you have learned - and the longer you learn, the more points you earn.
Of course what use is there in earning points if you can't redeem them for rewards.
That's why you can gradually exchange your collected points for valuable rewards.
We have implemented detailed statistics that will tell you exactly how extensive your knowledge is in Korean.
You can choose to compare your scores with other learners time and time again.
Verbs are at the heart of every language.
We have a developed a verb trainer for you.
This training program will teach you frequently used verbs and all their tenses.
Typical everyday dialogues are narrated by professional native speakers and set to music to give you that authentic feel of real situations you are very likely to encounter.
We have implemented the popular super learning music in all our language courses, this aid to mental calmness is the optimal condition for you to learn with ease.
(Of course you can also learn without this music).
You have the opportunity to do a guided meditation after each learning day, the perfect companion to keep you calm and help consolidate everything you've learned.
The meditation practice offers you the space and calmness you need to learn.
Become part of our learning partner group:
If you wish, you can network with tandem partners in the learning groups and learn the new language together, supporting and motivating each other.
During the course we will introduce you to Korean grammar.
Step by step, the course introduces you to all the important rules of the language and gives you an understanding of the grammar with entertaining exercises.


Learn Korean 32.9% faster with Super Learning music

Your learning will be accelerated by next generation super learning meditation music.
You will hear music that will deeply relax you.
Within a very short time you will become very focussed:
You will be completely calm, breathing slowly and deeply and be able to concentrate completely on the Korean vocabulary.
You will also be able to concentrate on the Korean course longer than without super learning music, as you will be less distracted.
The super learning music includes 'binaural beats' (a sound wave) known for it's health benefits: increased memory, relaxation and reduced anxiety.
You must wear headphones in order to experience the benefits.
You can use the super learning music any time!
You might like to try it when you're working or studying for exams.
And of course you can switch the super learning music off at any time, if you would prefer to learn without music.

Versatile dialogues and useful phrases:

All vocabulary and dialogues have been recorded by a Korean native speaker.
From the very beginning, you will learn clear, accent free pronunciation and correct emphasis.
The texts and phrases were developed through the cooperation of a linguist and a Korean native speaker.
In this course, you will learn how Korean is really spoken in Korea.

Content of texts and dialogues:

You will accompany the two main characters of the language course on their holidays and in their day-to-day lives at home in 42 different dialogues.
Together with them, you will encounter important situations that could happen on your holidays or at home with your partner.
In the many dialogues provided, you will practice sentences that you can really use.
When you work with the dialogues provided in this course, you will improve your conversation skills day by day.
On holiday
휴가 중에
Hyu-ga jung-e
Jin-Ho is on holiday. He meets Ji-Hyun.
진호는 휴가 중에 지현을 만납니다.
Jin-ho-neun hyu-ga jung-e ji-hyeon-eul man-nam-ni-da.
Hello, my name’s Jin-Ho.
안녕하세요! 저는 진호예요.
An-nyeong-ha-se-yo! Jeo-neun jin-ho-ye-yo.
I am twenty-six.
저는 스물여섯 살이예요.
Jeo-neun seu-mul-yeo-seot sal i-ye-yo
Nice to meet you. My name is Ji-Hyun.
만나서 반가워요. 저는 지현이예요.
Man-na-seo ban-ga-wo-yo. Jeo-neun ji-hyeon-i-ye-yo.
Where do you come from?
어디에서 오셨어요?
Eo-di-e-seo o-syeo-sseo-yo?
From Korea. I was born in Seoul.
한국에서요. 저는 서울에서 태어났어요.
Han-guk-e-seo-yo. Jeo-neun seo-ul-e-seo tae-eo-na-sseo-yo.
At a café
Jin-Ho is hungry and thirsty.
진호는 배가 고프고 목이 마릅니다.
Jin-ho-neun bae-a go-peu-go mo-gi ma-reum-ni-da.
He goes to a café and sits down at a free table.
그는 카페에 가서 빈 테이블에 앉습니다.
Geu-neun ka-pe-e ga-seo bin te-i-beul-e an-seum-ni-da.
The waitress comes over to him.
웨이트리스가 그에게 옵니다.
We-i-teu-ri-seu-ga geu-e-ge om-ni-da.
What would you like to drink?
마실 건 뭘로 하시겠어요?
Ma-sil geon mwol-lo ha-si-ge-sseo-yo?
A cup of black tea and a glass of water, please.
홍차 하고 물 한잔 주세요.
Hong-cha ha-go mul han-jan ju-se-yo.
Would you also like something to eat?
식사도 하시겠어요?
Sik-sa-do ha-si-get-sseo-yo?
Do you have sandwiches?
샌드위치 있나요?
Saen-deu-wi-chi in-na-yo?
Jin-Ho‘s flat
진호의 집
Jin-ho-ui jip
Jin-Ho and Ji-Hyun are talking about Jin-Ho‘s apartment.
진호와 지현은 진호의 아파트에대해서 이야기합니다.
Jin-ho-wa ji-hyoen-eun jin-ho-ui a-pa-teu-e-dae-hae-seo i-ya-gi-ham-ni-da.
I like the way you‘ve furnished the rooms.
방을 정말 예쁘게 꾸미셨네요.
Bang-eul jeong-mal ye-ppeu-ge kku-mi-syeon-ne-yo.
Everything looks bright with these big windows.
저 큰 창문 덕분에 참 밝네요.
Jeo keun chang-mun deok-bu-ne cham bak-ne-yo.
Thanks. I‘m very pleased I found this flat.
고마워요. 저도 이 집을 얻은 것을 매우 기쁘게 생각해요.
Go-ma-wo-yo. Jeo-do i ji-beul eo-deun-geo-seul mae-wu gi-ppeu-ge saeng-gak-hae-yo.
It wasn't easy at all.
그게 쉽지 않았거든요.
Geu-ge swip-ji a-nat-geo-deun-yo.
I would also prefer to live in a flat on my own.
저도 혼자 이런 집에 살았으면 좋겠어요.
Jeo-do hon-ja i-reon ji-be sa-rat-sseu-myeon jo-ket-sseo-yo.
Well, I can understand that.
네, 알아요.
Ne, a-ra-yo.
The letter
Jin-Ho writes a letter to his younger brother.
진호는 그의 동생에게 편지를 씁니다.
Jin-ho-neun geu-ui dong-saeng-e-ge pyeon-ji-reul sseum-ni-da.
Dear younger brother,
How are you? I haven't seen you in a long time.
어떻게 지내니? 너를 못 본지도 꽤 오래 되었구나.
Eo-tteo-ke ji-nae-ni? Neo-reul mot bon-ji-do kkwae o-rae doe-eot-gu-na.
I hope grandpa is okay. Is he healthy again?
할아버지는 잘 지내시지. 건강은 다시 좋아지셨니?
Ha-ra-beo-ji-neun jal ji-nae-si-ji. Geon-gang-eun da-si jo-a-ji-sseon-ni?
I have some good news for you. I‘ve met a girl.
너에게 전할 새로운 소식이 있어. 한 여자를 알게 되었단다.
Neo-e-ge jeo-nal sae-ro-un so-sik-gi i-sseo. Han yeo-ja-reul al-ge-doe-eot-dan-da.
Her name is Ji-Hyun and she's from Daegu.
그녀의 이름은 지현이고, 대구에서 왔어.
Geu-nyeo-ui i-reu-meun ji-hyeon-i-go, dae-gu-e-seo wa-sseo.
We met on holiday.
우리는 휴가 중에 만나게 되었단다.
U-ri-neun hyu-ga jung-e man-na-ge doe-eot-dan-da.
Renting a car
자동차 빌리기
Ja-dong-cha bil-li-gi
Jin-Ho has invited Ji-Hyun. He wants to take her along to his parents.
진호는 지현을 초대했습니다. 그녀를 데리고 그의 부모님께 가려고 합니다.
Jin-ho-neun ji-hyeon-eul cho-dae-hae-sseum-ni-da. Geu-nyeo-reul de-ri-go geu-ui bu-mo-num-kke ga-ryeo-go ham-ni-da.
They rent a car in order to drive there.
거기에 가기 위해 그들은 차를 한 대 빌립니다.
Geo-gi-e ga-gi wi-hae geu-deu-reun cha-reul han-dae bil-lim-ni-da.
Jin-Ho dials the number of the car rental company.
진호는 렌트카 대리점의 전화번호를 누릅니다:
Jin-ho-neun ren-teu-ka dae-ri-jeo-mui jeon-hwa-beon-ho-reul nu-reum-ni-da:
Hello. I'd like to rent a car for two weeks from next Saturday.
안녕하세요. 다음주 토요일부터 이 주 동안 차를 한 대 빌리고 싶어요.
An-nyeong-ha-se-yo. Da-eum-ju to-yo-il-bu-teo i ju-dong-an cha-reul han-dae bil-li-go si-peo-yo.
Do you still have a car available for this time?
그 때 차가 한 대 있나요?
Geu ttae cha-ga han dae in-na-yo?
You're in luck. For that period there are still two cars available.
운이 좋으시네요. 그 때 차가 딱 두 대 있어요.
U-ni jo-eu-si-ne-yo. Geu ttae cha-ga ttak du dae i-sseo-yo.
Would you prefer a small sports car or do you want a big car?
작은 스포츠카로 하시겠어요 아니면 큰 차로 하시겠어요?
Ja-geun seu-po-cheu-ka-ro ha-si-ge-sseo-yo a-ni-myeon keun cha-ro ha-si-ge-sseo-yo?

The verb trainer will take you through all the verbs and their conjugated forms step by step:

At the heart of every language are the verbs.
You will begin with the most frequently used verbs and all their conjugated forms.
When you recognise and form verbs correctly, you have already learned the most important part of grammar and can now form meaningful sentences.
With the verb trainer, you will learn how to conjugate the most frequently used verbs, how to use the verbs in constructing sentences and apply the tenses correctly in Korean.
When you master this you have already learned the essentials of Korean grammar.
You will understand sentences and confidently have your first conversations in Korean.
The verb trainer will systematically teach you all important verbs in all tenses within the first few days.
The playful exercises build on each other making it very easy for you to follow.
See how verbs are formed in Korean here:
to have
I have
나는 가지다
you have
당신은 가지다
he has
그는 가지다
we have
우리는 가지다
you have
당신들은 가지다
they have
그들은 가지다
to be
I am
나는 ~이다
you are
당신은 ~이다
he is
그는 ~이다
we are
우리는 ~이다
you are
당신들은 ~이다
they are
그들은 ~이다
to go
I go
나는 가다
you go
당신은 가다
he goes
그는 가다
we go
우리는 가다
you go
당신들은 가다
they go
그들은 가다
할 수 있다
I can
나는 할 수 있다
you can
당신은 할 수 있다
he can
그는 할 수 있다
we can
우리는 할 수 있다
you can
당신들은 할 수 있다
they can
그들은 할 수 있다
you can (formal)
할 수 있으십니다
to do
I do
나는 하다
you do
당신은 하다
he does
그는 하다
we do
우리는 하다
you do
당신들은 하다
they do
그들은 하다
I had
나는 가졌다
you had
당신은 가졌다
he had
그는 가졌다
we had
우리는 가졌다
they had
그들은 가졌다
I was
나는 ~이었다
you were
당신은 ~이었다
he was
그는 ~이었다
we were
우리는 ~이었다
you were
당신들은 ~이었다
I went
나는 갔다
you went
당신은 갔다
he went
그는 갔다
we went
우리는 갔다
you went
당신들은 갔다
they went
그들은 갔다
you did
당신은 했다
he did
그는 했다
we did
우리는 했다
you did
당신들은 했다
they did
그들은 했다
I will have
나는 가질 것이다
you will have
당신은 가질 것이다
he will have
그는 가질 것이다
we will have
우리는 가질 것이다
you will have
당신들은 가질 것이다
they will have
그들은 가질 것이다
I will be
나는 ~가 될 것이다
you will be
당신은 ~가 될 것이다
he will be
그는 ~가 될 것이다
we will be
우리는 ~가 될 것이다
you will be
당신들은 ~가 될 것이다
they will be
그들은 ~가 될 것이다
I will go
나는 갈 것이다
you will go
당신은 갈 것이다
he will go
그는 갈 것이다
we will go
우리는 갈 것이다
you will go
당신들은 갈 것이다
they will go
그들은 갈 것이다
I will do
나는 할 것이다
you will do
당신은 할 것이다
he will do
그는 할 것이다
we will do
우리는 할 것이다
you will do
당신들은 할 것이다
they will do
그들은 할 것이다
Is there ... ?
...가 있나요 ?
May I ... ?
... 이어도 괜찮을까요?
I need ...
...를 원합니다
Where is ... ?
...가 어디 있나요?
What is ... ?
...가 무엇인가요?
How much is ... ?
...는 얼마인가요?
I would like to have ...
...를 가지길 원합니다
Can you ... ?
...를 할 수 있나요?
Can you (formal) ... ?
...를 할 수 있으신가요?

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One online course suitable for all your devices: laptop, tablet and smartphone

You can use the Korean online course on all your devices and switch back and forth between them as you like.
The course can be used with any smartphone (Android, iPhone), any tablet (iPad, Android or Windows) and any computer running Windows (11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP), Linux or Mac OS.
You can pick up where you left off, regardless of the device.
Practice Korean in the morning on the train using your iPhone or Android smartphone.
You can pick up where you left off during your lunch break on your laptop, using Windows, Linux or on a Mac.
In the evenings, you can kick back in your favourite spot and learn while you relax, whether it's on your iPad, Windows or Android tablet.

Bonus: Additional Audio-Trainer

As an extra to the Korean learning software you get the Korean audio trainer.
The audio trainer teaches you in blocks of 5 minutes, which you can play manually or via autoplay function - ideal if you don't have a free hand.
You will be able to consolidate what you have learned and learn new words.
You can listen to the Korean audio trainer on your mobile phone or run it on your PC.
To help you remember the words even better, we have added super learning music to the background of each track.
With the audio trainer, you can listen and learn Korean while doing something else, for example:
...when doing physical activity or riding a bike
...while driving
...while sitting comfortably on the sofa at home
...on the train or bus
...in between breaks or waiting periods

Professionally recorded texts and vocabulary:

All vocabulary and texts are spoken by a Korean native speaker.
You can listen to and repeat each of the 1,300 words as well as the 42 dialogue texts as often as you'd like.
In all the learning methods and tests, the vocabulary and lines of text are played for you.
You constantly repeat the correct pronunciation.
You learn clear and accent free pronunciation with the correct emphasis!

31 days money-back guarantee:

Try the language course risk-free for 31 days.
If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund you 100% of the purchase price.
No questions asked.
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What do our clients say
... regarding the learning methods of the language courses

"It is a more fun approach than other courses.
I like the repetition rhythm of words I do not know. I need a visual approach to support aural learning."

   (Andrea Matrosovs)
"I am very content with your language course and I really enjoy learning with it. I like the well-structured way of the course and the wide-ranged possibilities which makes learning so much easier and varying as well. Besides I think it's great you can choose listening to the language as often as you want to as well as being able printing the vocabulary on flashcards. In any case I would love to thank the experts who developed the course very much! It's fun to learn a new language with this course!"
   (Gillian Smith)
"This is my first exercise program for pc ever - especially the offered possibilities of long-term memory training as well as the literacy test which are very helpful for me are fascinating to me."
   (Tom Livingston)
"The varied learning possibilities are gorgeous! They have something in store for everyone.
Especially being able to print flashcards has been new to me an I think it's brilliant! They are really easy to print and front and back are fitting on top of each other! The every-day situations make learning much easier since sentences out of everyday life are a great motivation learning a language. Learning varies at all time because there are so many different ways teaching myself the language."

   (Kelly Roberts)
"It speaks the words so I can hear pronunciation instead of just guessing how written words might sound.
I also like the multitude of ways the words are presented: written words, pictures, fill in the blank sentences, spoken dialogue, etc.
This allowed me to speak more authentically and to learn the words more thoroughly.
This is the best program I have used."

   (Ashley Crust)

What our clients say
... about the long term memory learning method

"I've been mostly impressed by the long-term method for learning new vocabulary, since I didn't expect knowing the vocabulary after a pretty long break. The explanation of the psychological backgrounds and the systematics of the memory performance respectively makes the learning methods much more comprehensible."
   (Scott Wilkinson)
"I'd learned this language already basically before but I couldn't remember hardly anything about my basics, nevertheless I was able to reaccess the language. For this I'm sure the clear and logical structure of the language course is crucial and also the opportunity to operate within the program in so many different ways."
   (Jean-Baptiste Novak)
"I particularly like the diversity of the learning method and the great choice of topics of the lessons or the continuous sequences. The exercising sections containing the long-term memory learning method are really motivating to start learning. Now, my son (15) really enjoys learning new vocabulary and is making great progress. Personally, I was able to develop myself professionally and put into practice what I had learned."
   (Marguerite Guérin)
"I've been using this language course for 4 months intensively. I think it's really convenient having the possibility to repeat the vocabulary regularly with the long-term memory learning method. I really enjoy this programm for it keeps asking until the correlate word is typed in correctly. Moreover the digital speech of the respective vocabulary is also great."
   (Gautam Kumars)
"The long-term memory learning method for keeping vocabulary in long-term memory is, in my opinion, particularly efficient. Thereby you are developing ambition which keeps you going. Also the pages which hide the vocab are tremendously good to get a quick overview and are very suitable to repeat in fast track. I find the displaying of the last seven wrong inputs in the long-term memory learning method very supportive."
   (Frank Collins)
"I really really like the vocabulary training method. Here, I'm especially using the long-term memory learning method. I mostly prefer multiple choice and input. This method makes me build up on my vocabulary knowledge quickly. I'm able to connect proper spelling as well as the right pronunciation by the audio output. To get a quick learning success this is essential to me.
The distinct lessons are prepared well and are really easy to access. Here its especially useful having the possibility playing the particular sequences."

   (Lauren Grey)
"I was especially amazed by learning with the longterm-method. The records of the entire vocabulary and dialogues sound very natural and realistic since they were all spoken by native speakers. Putting it in a nutshell, it's a well-made language course."
   (Marcus Großkautz)
"I really do like learning using the long term memory learning method. Using the pc is much simpler than writing manually. Moreover using the pc is much more efficient since you can not betray yourself - The system is correcting every single mistake also including emphasis which are also registered. Storing the different levels makes repeating the vocabulary and the texts based on the flashcard principle possible and thereby more effective. Learning foreign languages has become a hobby to me - for me, personally, not is it only learning by heart but a leisure pursuit."
   (Emily Snyder)
"I liked the logical structure of my language course. The dialogues are easy to follow and very comprehensible. The further possibilities which can be chosen to learn vocabulary by different styles and ways both verbally and written are very well-suited for keeping them in the long-term memory. Even after several months they are still available. My basic understanding of languages has been broaden by this course."
   (Anthony Hockner)
"I find the logical and neat outline very appealing. I'm also motivated by the long term memory learning method which makes it easy for me to live up to the learning success of the day before and gets me started over quickly. I've already bought the beginner's course and my experiences with the long term memory learning method are good. You can virtually follow the continuing progress the team is working on - this is what I really like since they give me the feeling that I'm taken seriously when I hand in some suggestions for improvement and changes."
   (Agatha Low)
"It's very beneficial being able to organize your individual schedule and also being able to print out the entire course. The variety of the teaching materials is also great.
When it comes to learning vocabulary by using the long term memory learning method you only decide once how long you would like to learn per day. Once you've decided on how long you want learn a day, this will be happening automatically afterwards. So, once you get started you will pull trough.
This is also very helpful when having a hard time with motivation. Being able to decide on your own how long you want learn makes this course "feasible"."

   (Henry Smalls)

What our clients say
... regarding the daily exercises of the course

"I enjoy the daily exercise program because it's easy to work on and it's varying. Mostly I use the long term memory learning method and the quick repetition. This course allows me to continue my studies on a daily basis and I feel really really motivated to learning another language."
   (Jason Big)
"The daily exercises are the greatest thing about this learning software. In this way I'm able to learn in a structured way. Thereby, I can learn both the vocabulary training and text exercises quickly and continuing. Moreover I'm convinced by the different methods of vocabulary training and different learning methods. Above all the text input and the automatic testing of your knowledge gives me a quick and really good result."
   (Chris Osborne)
"I like the interval repetition, the division in levels and the monitor how much time is left to achieve a level, I like the reward system, when it is possible to get other courses in other languages, I like the meditation mysic."
"I find the daily exercises very encouraging. Having the possibility to exchange information with others and also motivate each other online helps me staying motivated. In general the program is designed logical and very comprehensible. "
   (Mason Spooner)
"I am given the possibility to determine the learning rate myself. The daily exercises are giving me the pressure necessary I need to do them.
Apparently different brain areas are getting activated by different learning methods of the program. In my own case, the learning success seems to be lasting."

   (Craig Miller)
"The daily are exercises learning method seem very effective. It gives you a well-structures schedule that guides you trough the program.
And if there is time left you you could additionally use further training methods."

   (Gunther Rummel)
"I like the lessons being divided in daily exercises.
Still, I can decide by myself independently how much I'd like to learn. That way learning never gets boring.
I further like the speakers being native speakers. From the beginning, you are offered short texts which you can gradually elaborate."

   (Frank Roy)
"The daily exercises are encouraging me to really stay focused even though there are no new words are added. Regardless of whether working on quick repetition or text input: The recorded vocabulary combined with the written word itself is perfect for me."
   (Sabine Schwarz)

What our clients say
... in regard to structure and content of the programme

"I like being drilled - and measured against A1/A2 proficiency. I also like the dialogs. I go back over them again and again. (Occasionally the dialog translations are not real accurate but they do give the meaning.) After reading dialogs, I will also type them into my own document, give me a good practice writing. I also like the dictation."
   (Ira Lund)
"This course has broadened my vocabulary knowledge tremendously.
For me personally, listening to texts and thereby improving my own pronunciation was particularly helpful. Of course this is really motivating, helpful and is giving me a feeling of getting more and more confident when communicating with native speakers. The method by which you acquire vocabulary is excellent - at the same time it's a fantastic exercise to train my brain."

   (Bill Green)
"I appreciate the course' systematic regarding the structure, the clarity regarding the titles you can click on.
I also like being able to print out whatever I like and having the correcting aid at my disposal. It's very beneficial having the opportunity to listen to the appropriate vocabulary. This course is definitely meeting my expectations!"

"I like the learning units being split in small very achievable units. The vocabulary being taught is very applicable especially for beginners - that's what I really like since I want to learn this language only on a "vacation" kind of level. Additionally I want to point out the learning monitoring and the opportunity given to print out the vocabulary which makes learning a lot easier for me."
   (Mark Curtis)
"The lessons are very versatile. This program also provides the possibility to print out cards which I think is very crucial. Since we're getting ready to move these lessons are great to get prepared.
This course is great!"

   (Tess Carlson)
"I'm very pleased with this course and it helps a lot with my studies. This course is especially helpful when it comes to learning vocabulary and a proper pronunciation. I'm pretty sure I would have given up learning this language if it wasn't for this course. I like the lessons being short and therefore clear. Also the flashcards which can be printed out are great for taking with you and learn whenever I feel like studying."
   (Holly Wilkinson)
"The program is well-structured and clearly represented. The vocabulary tests are also tremendously effective since you cannot cheat. They are repeated over and over again until each vocabulary can be answered perfectly from every point of view."
   (Dorothy Blake)
"I'm really motivated by the short and not too challenging lessons. They encourage me to hang in there because they are easy to process by the self-learning principle. I really like the versatile testing options. Each term or sentence can be repeated - this way the pronunciation can be memorized much better."
   (Christen Nixon)
"I was positively surprised by the many lessons. The lessons aren't stuffed full and contain an appropriate amount of vocabulary. The dialogue texts are well-chosen and the basic vocabulary is extensive.
The flash cards which can be printed are a good learning method - it really worked out for me."

   (Nicki Chestnut)

What our clients say
... about the price/performance ratio of the language courses

"What I like most about the course is the long term memory learning method. This way it's possible to learn vocabularies which you consider to be essential. Moreover I was surprised my the price... I think is a very fair price! Kudos to you!"
   (Sebastian White)
"I would like to thank you for the excellent price/performance ratio. "
   (George Murphy)
"I've tried bunches of language courses and this one is the best so far! The price-performance ratio is absolutely justifiable. The course' navigation is easy to handle whereas the course is both visually and acoustically orientated. This way learning is easy and progress can be seen very soon. This course is highly recommendable - especially for beginners."
   (Daniel Robinson)
"I don't think there's a better program to learn vocabulary fast and effective."
   (Emma Cooper)


Discover more new languages:

  • Learn Chinese: Mandarin is becoming more and more important as a second language in South Korea.
  • Learn Japanese: Maybe you also are planning to travel to other Asian countries?.
A summary of the learning outcomes of the basic course Korean:
  • Learn over 1300 words with the unique long-term memory learning method and acquire a solid Korean basic vocabulary.
    If you choose the Korean complete package, you will learn even more than 5000 vocabulary words.
  • You will be given countless phrases and texts grouped by themes.
    You will learn the words in context and in whole sentences.
  • Detailed grammar explanations and exercises give you a well rounded knowledge base to progress from.
  • With the varied daily tasks, all exercises are given to you according to your learning level and pace, in order to achieve the highest possible efficiency in learning.
  • Thanks to the verb trainer, which is also presented to you in the daily tasks, you will learn to conjugate the most common verbs and how to apply the tenses in Korean.
  • With the help of the sentence construction trainer you will learn in a playful way the sentence structure in Korean.
    Soon you will be able to form correct sentences in Korean.
  • In the 17 Minute Language's insider learning community you can exchange ideas and make new friends with other highly motivated learners of your foreign language as well as native speakers of Korea.
  • Effective learning methods tailored to each type of learner offer enormous fun.
  • The course requires no prior installation, is particularly user friendly – great news for new comers of online learning courses.
  • Latest version – the Korean basic course was completely revised in 2021.
  • For Windows / Linux / Mac OS / iPhone / Android Smartphones / iPad / Android Tablets / Windows Tablets.

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Try the language course risk-free. If you are not completely satisfied, you will get a 100% refund. No questions asked.


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Rapid progress:

This software program will make learning Korean fun and easy in breathtaking time.

Sophisticated software:

We first released this software in 2002.
Our developers revise it every year and with the greatest attention to detail.

Varied daily tasks:

Varied daily tasks and a huge selection of learning methods will motivate you to continue learning every day.

Unique learning methods:

With the long-term memory learning method and daily tasks tailored to you, you will learn Korean in record time.

Premium customer support:

If you have any questions, our service team will help you in record time.

Exclusive learning community:

Make connections with like minded people in our learning community.