Conditions of Use

  1. Privacy Protection
    We will not pass your address, email or your bank account and credit card information on to a third party.
    You can use our services, provided that your are able to, in anonymity.

    Your orders may be cancelled at any time: Either by clicking on the cancellation link provided or by sending us your request by email or regular post.
    After a cancellation, your information will be deleted as a matter of course.
    You can look at the information regarding your order at any time either by clicking on the link provided or by sending us your request by email or regular post.
    You will receive a cookie from us when you visit our website which is then saved to your hard drive for a maximum of three days.
    The use of our website is taken as you having given permission to us to send you a cookie.
    Our cookies do not contain any personal information:
    Your privacy remains protected.
    Normally, your browser automatically accepts cookies but you can also change your browsers settings in order to avoid this.
    If you do not wish to share your information with us over the internet, then you may send it to us by mail.
    We are authorized to allow trustworthy third parties to analyze our customer information.

  3. After your order
    After you place your order, we are entitled to remind you by email to honor any missing payments.
    Similarly, we have the right to send further reminders if a payment has not been received within a reasonable period of time.
    After an order is placed, we have the right to send an email with a survey pertaining to your order.
    It is, of course, possible to forgo follow-up-emails.
    Orders will be sent after receipt of payment.
    You can take your time to make your payment and may cancel it at any time.

  5. Guarantee and Liability
    The warranty period for all of our products is 24 months as long as none of the regulations have been contravened.
    Under the warranty we cover your resulting shipment costs.
    Please choose the most economical mode of shipment.
    In the case of defective orders, which include any missing pieces in the delivery, we are obligated to repair, replace or resend your order.
    We are not liable for any damages that did not occur to the order itself.
    In particular, we are not liable for any lost profit or other financial losses of the purchaser.
    17 Minute Languages can be held liable for gross negligence and intent.
    Liability for mild negligence can only occur when the agreement obligations are violated.
    17 Minute Languages is liable up to a maximum of the amount invoiced.
    17 Minute Languages is not liable for direct or indirect damage, as well as any kind of secondary damage or losses, that may occur through circumstances beyond control or through the overloading of the internet.
    The customer is expected to take on full responsibility regarding our rules and regulations when using our services.
    The customer shall indemnify 17 Minute Languages from and against any third party's claims.
    17 Minute Languages is only liable for claims of compensation in case of a deliberate act or gross negligence.
  6. Returns
    Your order can be cancelled either by clicking on the link provided, by mail or email.
    Data Carrier (software on CD-ROM):
    You can return a CD-ROM pack with unbroken seal any time within 31 days of receipt for any reason and recoup the price paid upon purchase.
    It is not possible to return online transmitted products (for example downloaded software).
    Your return shipping costs will be covered for orders over 40 euro.
    Your return shipping costs will be covered if the product is seen to be defective.

  8. Non-liability
    All instructions, tips, web pages, programs, graphics, materials etc. were designed to the best of our expertize and have been carefully tested.
    Nevertheless, errors my still occur.
    We give no guarantee for possible errors or secondary damage that may occur though use, implementation, appropriation, false use of instruction, tips, web pages, programs, graphics or materials on our websites.
    The removal of a possible infringement of an industrial property right we may have committed can not be done without our approval.
    We are not liable for errors, printing and transfer errors.
    The product images displayed on our websites are only example images that may not exactly represent the product received.
    All product and brand names are property of the respective manufacturer.

  10. Learning Disclaimer
    You agree that no promises have been made to how much you will learn from the program. We do not guarantee that you will learn a specific amount of words in a specific amount of time using the materials.

  12. Prices
    All earlier price lists from our online shops become invalid when changed or updated.
    All prices include value added tax.

  14. Validity
    These General Terms and Conditions are held to be valid, as amended, at the time of order.
    Terms which oppose or deviate from these General Terms and Conditions shall not apply.

  16. Changes to Service
    Insofar as 17 Minute Languages offers additional services without fee, any suspension or adjustment to these services can be made without the customers approval.
    In addition, 17 Minute Languages reserves the right to extend, change and further improve its services.

  18. Further Regulations
    If you are a salesman or a legal entity under public law or have no general place of jurisdiction in Germany, the place of jurisdiction is exclusively Munich, Germany.

    German law shall apply. As far as allowed by law, the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) shall not apply.
    If a regulation in this agreement is or becomes invalid, the remaining rules still apply.
    The contested clause will then be replaced by another that most closely matches the intent of the original provision.

  20. Business Name and Address
    Our complete business name and address are:
    17 Minute Languages
    Udo Gollub
    Kühbachstr. 9
    81543 Munich
    VAT-ID (USt-ID): DE185758125
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