Moroccan Arabic-Special Vocabulary on Nature and Geography (2024)
"Learn Moroccan Arabic targeted to those who have an interest or hobby involving nature or geography.
A fast and fun way to learn vocabulary sorted by areas specific to nature and geography."

Moroccan Arabic nature geography vocabulary
Moroccan Arabic nature geography vocabulary
The Moroccan Arabic special vocabulary for nature and geography is the ideal vocabulary trainer for anyone who wants to acquire a comprehensive vocabulary on the exciting subject areas of environment and nature, animal and plant life, as well as many other things to do with the sea, landscape, weather and the seasons.
You enjoy traveling in Morocco and are interested in flora and fauna associated with Morocco.
You would also like to know what the animal and plant species in Moroccan Arabic are called.
You like to watch nature films in the original language and need a larger vocabulary for this?
You would like to know how to describe scenic wonders of the world, such as islands, mountains or rivers in Moroccan Arabic?
Do you love Moroccan Arabic cuisine and want to learn the names of fruits, vegetables, grains and spices?
You want to be prepared for a holiday on a farm, in nature or camping in Morocco?
Or are you interested in this subject area for professional reasons?
Are you also curious about how weather or celestial phenomena are talked about in Moroccan Arabic?
Would you like to surprise your friends and acquaintances in Moroccan Arabic with your language skills during excursions and hikes?
This online course offers you meaningful and specialised vocabulary training!
With the special vocabulary for nature and geography, you will learn more than 550 words sorted by theme and ideally prepared for learning.


Moroccan Arabic online course on nature & geography

  • More than 550 words and terms
  • Sorted according to 20 topics
  • A useful supplement to the Moroccan Arabic beginner's course and Moroccan Arabic intermediate course:
    Together with these two courses, expand your vocabulary to over 3500 words!
  • With numerous interactive learning methods
  • Latest version – completely revised 2024
  • For Windows / Linux / Mac OS / iPad / Android Tablets / Windows Tablets / iPhones / Android Smartphones

Moroccan Arabic nature vocabulary learning


Moroccan Arabic Special Vocabulary for Nature and Geography

The Moroccan Arabic online course for Nature and Geography is a well-constructed vocabulary trainer for anyone who wants to learn a certain level of intermediate vocabulary focused primarily around the topic of nature.
The topics cover an exciting range of environment and nature conservation, animals and plants, as well as much more about the sea, landscape, weather and seasons:

Mining and mineral resources: one lesson covers these two topics, plus you'll also learn the names for a variety of metals.
Another major topic of this course is the plant world.
We introduce you – each in its own chapter – to trees and flowers, fruit and vegetable varieties as well as herbs and types of grain.
You will learn the names of more than 100 animal species.
With this course you will soon know the names for a large number of mammal, fish, bird and insect species from Morocco.
But of course you will not only learn the names of the animals, you will also learn a variety of terms and characteristics from the entire animal world.
If you intend to spend your holiday in nature in Morocco, it is helpful to have a wide range of vocabulary related to camping, hiking and excursions.
You will also find separate chapters on this in this course.
Weather: on a holiday in the great outdoors in Morocco it is of course important to know what the terms for sun, clouds, rain, fog and snow are.
You will learn these and many more useful vocabulary words in a separate lesson of this course.
One chapter deals with the subject of mountains.
Here you will learn everything important if you like mountain hiking.
Another chapter introduces you to the times of day and seasons, as well as many other useful vocabulary words on the subject – such as sunrise and dawn.
After that, it's all about life on the farm:
For example, if you go on a farm holiday with your children to Morocco and would like to talk to the farmers about the harvest or the cattle, you will also find plenty of vocabulary in this course.
Of course, the topic of the sea is not neglected either: you will not only learn the terms around coast, island and beach, but very importantly the terms for the tides and much more if you like to go swimming.
At the end of the course you will learn many terms related to environmental protection and nature conservation.
This and much more is covered in the online course on Nature and Geography in Morocco.
You will find the relevant vocabulary for all areas didactically prepared for learning, so that you quickly acquire everything important about a topic.
All vocabulary collections have been translated into an authentic and contemporary Moroccan Arabic.
This way you learn vocabulary that you really need!

This vocabulary trainer is especially recommended if you...
  • Want to expand your vocabulary quickly and effectively?
  • Want to master complex Moroccan Arabic technical vocabulary from the fields of nature and geography?
  • Want to express pleasure in nature and admiration for the beauty of the Moroccan Arabic landscape?
  • Want to practise expressing yourself spontaneously and fluently in Moroccan Arabic?


Lively and authentic language

All vocabulary has been recorded by professional speakers from Morocco.
This way you learn the authentic sound of the language and the correct intonation of words and expressions right from the start.
Listen to over 550 words covering 20 different topics as often as you like.
In the learning and test options, the vocabulary is also played automatically if you choose to do so.


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