Emigrating to Morocco:
Special vocabulary and vocabulary trainer for emigrants

"The indispensable resource for anyone wishing to emigrate to Morocco."
vocabulary trainer for emigrating to Morocco
vocabulary trainer for emigrating to Morocco
This special vocabulary offers a comprehensive collection of useful, everyday vocabulary for:
  • All those who are going to Morocco on business – for a few weeks or even years.
  • All who will work and live as an au pair in Morocco.
  • All who have applied for an internship in Morocco.
  • All students who want to study in Morocco or are preparing for a semester abroad.
  • All those travelling to Morocco for a long holiday.
  • For all those spending a school year in Morocco.
  • All those who leave their homeland for love, to marry and start a family.
  • For all those planning to spend their retirement in Morocco.
A special vocabulary for emigrants – learn and repeat over 2,000 words and phrases.
The entire content of the vocabulary trainer is sorted by themes and ideal for learning.


The language course for emigrating to Morocco offers you:

language course for emigrating to Morocco
language course for emigrating to Morocco
  • In the software you will find many learning methods and tests as well as numerous innovative exercises – learning using the latest contemporary methods for success and suitable for every learning type.
  • This vocabulary trainer will successfully prepare you for life abroad.
  • Unique long-term memory learning method by 17 Minute Languages:
    Learn Moroccan Arabic at breathtaking speed without ever forgetting the vocabulary again!
  • Learn and repeat a comprehensive vocabulary list on the topic of "emigration", sorted by essential topics relevant to everyday life.
  • Over 2,000 words and phrases within 39 lessons in Moroccan Arabic, compiled in user friendly learning modules.


Moroccan Arabic-Online course for emigrants

  • Latest version – completely revised in 2024.
  • Well over 2,000 useful, everyday vocabulary and idioms.
    Structured in a logical and easy to follow way, categorised by all 39 topics.
  • With numerous interactive learning methods.
  • For Windows / Linux / Mac OS / iPad / Android Tablets / Windows Tablets / iPhones / Android Smartphones

Good bye ... – a comprehensive and indispensable vocabulary collection especially for emigrants

This vocabulary trainer presents you with vocabulary collections on the different topics that are most relevent to emigrants.
A clear concise vocabulary collection ideal for learning and revision.
If you want to live in Morocco, an example of some of the usual challenges of moving abroad are addressed here:
We help you find answers by collecting essential vocabulary on these topics:
You will certainly have to fill in many forms.
This vocabulary trainer will help you understand all you need to know to fill in all related forms.
Passports and visas.
If you are currently preparing for your departure, you are certainly also dealing with the topic of "Passport & Visa".
To make it easier for you to gather information and organise all the necessary steps, you can refer to this chapter.
We understand finding your way around a new city is not easy.
So we've compiled a list of vocabulary that assists you in "getting to know the new city", "public facilities" and "means of transport".
When emigrating you will have to deal with many administrative procedures and formalities.
This list of vocabulary is an invaluable source when signing off, registering and in many other encounters with administration and authorities.
Insurance, pension provision and social benefits for life abroad – this is an important topic.
If you still need vocabulary on this topic, here is a thoroughly researched collection with useful translations.
If you are moving abroad because you are getting married there, this course will also prepare you for this step:
You will find comprehensive vocabulary on the topic of "Marriage and Family".
Have you already opened a new bank account?
A resourceful and helpful collection of financial vocabulary just for you!
If you are thinking of buying a car in Morocco then this vocabulary list will be very useful in guiding you in the process.
Collected vocabulary for all those who go to school, study at university or prepare for an internship in a company in Morocco:
If you are doing part of your training abroad, you will need very special vocabulary, especially for gathering important information and for the first few days on site.
Our vocabulary collection on this topic will help you.
We have compiled a collection of polite phrases and daily used idioms for you.
Memorising this list will help you every day!
Will your children be attending school abroad?
If so, this vocabulary list will help all the family to settle into school life more easily.
Part of your planning will include finding the right healthcare and medical assistance in Morocco.
We have a collection of vocabulary that will be a useful resource for you when making these decisions.
Where and how can I find a job abroad?
We will provide you with a comprehensive vocabulary to write that winning application letter.
How and where do I find accommodation?
With this vocabulary list you will find basic vocabulary to help you find new accommodation.
When you emigrate, it is essential that you master the language of your new home.
If you are in the process of learning grammar or vocabulary for this reason, or have taken an additional language course, you will find this list a rich source of reference and further learning.
Also: A useful list with many professional titles.
From A for "Accountant" to Z for "Zoologist", you will find numerous translations for professional titles in this list.
These and many more topics are covered by vocabulary specialising in emigration.
There are 39 different lessons in total.
The vocabulary lists are designed to teach you everything about a particular topic.
Especially compiled for an authentic and modern translation in Moroccan Arabic.
You learn vocabulary that you really need!



Lively and authentic language

All vocabulary has been recorded by professional Moroccan Arabic speakers.
This ensures you learn the authentic sound of the language and the correct intonation of words and expressions from the very beginning.
There are several topics of over 2,000 vocabulary that you can listen to as often as you like.
In the learning and testing options, the vocabulary is also played automatically if you choose to do so.


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