"Learn Latvian in a practical, fast and efficient way – with the vocabulary trainer categorised by topics aimed at gastronomy and tourism!"

Latvian special vocabulary for gastronomy and tourism
Latvian special vocabulary for gastronomy and tourism
The Latvian-Special Vocabulary for Gastronomy and Tourism is the ideal vocabulary trainer for professional reasons.
If you're planning a longer holiday and want to learn all about the areas of food culture and tourism.
You work in the tourism industry or for a travel operator and need the relevant vocabulary in Latvian for this job?
Are you planning to go abroad for some time and work in the service industry or catering in Latvia?
Or maybe you want to prepare intensively for a trip and learn how to communicate effectively.
You would also like to know how to book a room, what kitchen ingredients and dishes are called in Latvia or how to pay bills and formulate complaints as well as have the right vocabulary for swimming or walking holidays, excursions, sightseeing and shopping?
You are an enthusiastic cook and epicure and read your cookbooks and trade journals even in Latvian?
If so, this special vocabulary offers useful and targeted vocabulary training for you.
With the special vocabulary for gastronomy and tourism you will learn more than 1,400 words, sorted by themes and especially prepared for learning.

  • With over 1,400 new vocabulary, idioms and technical terms.
  • Sorted according to 40 subject areas
  • With lots of interactive learning methods to choose from.
  • Latest version – completely revised 2024
  • For Windows / Linux / Mac OS / Android tablets and smartphones / iPad and iPhone


Contents of the Latvian-Special Vocabulary for Gastronomy and Tourism

contents of Latvian vocabulary trainer for gastronomy and tourism
contents of Latvian vocabulary trainer for gastronomy and tourism The Latvian Special Vocabulary for Gastronomy and Tourism offers you the following:.
  • Learn an extensive vocabulary sorted by topic and subject.
  • Over 1,400 words in Latvian, technical terms and phrases.
  • Train and learn online with this multimedia and varied vocabulary trainer.
  • We recommend using this course in combination with the Latvian basic course (learning Latvian for beginners) and the Latvian intermediate course (Intermediate Latvian).
    Together with these two courses you will build up a vocabulary of over 4,000 words!
  • You won't notice the time you spend learning as you will have so much fun!
  • The online course includes different learning methods, many tests and numerous innovative exercises – for modern learning with fun and success for every learning type!
  • The unique long term memory learning method ideal for learning languages:
    Learn Latvian at breathtaking speed without forgetting what you have learned!

useful vocabulary for working in gastronomy in Latvia

A special list of 17 En01 vocabulary to help prepare employees in the tourism and catering industry

The Latvian-Special Vocabulary is a vocabulary trainer for advanced learners.
The vocabulary is a well structured and comprehensive approach to learning.
Travelling with young children:
If you are travelling with your little one(s) or working in the service sector, it is extremely helpful to know the most important vocabulary in the foreign language.
Learn what diaper, dummy, child's portion, bib or playground and swing means in Latvian.
Learn important vocabulary related to repairs and crafts.
Billing and paying:
An important issue in the hospitality and tourism industry is, of course, paying bills.
In this course you will find an extensive vocabulary for this: you will learn what the words are for cash, credit card, bank and exchange office, for receipts and bills and much, much more.
This chapter makes handling financial matters easier.
Emergency knowledge:
Learn the A to Z for everything emergency related.
Good manners are essential:
You will learn to greet and say goodbye to someone, to thank and to excuse as well as many other indispensable, polite phrases.
You will also learn to toast each other and wish a ""bon appétite" in Latvian.
If you work or would like to work in the service area of a restaurant, this is the chapter for you!
Even as a guest, it is of course indispensable to know the vocabulary for the various drinks.
Everything you need to know about food
. Learn comprehensive vocabulary on breakfast, starters, main course and dessert.
Cleanliness and hygiene are paramount in the restaurant and hotel industry:
You will find everything about this topic here.
In the kitchen:
If you want to work as a chef in Latvia or like to use cookbooks in Latvian, you will find several chapters in this special vocabulary, revolving exclusively around kitchen and cooking.
Name the most important kitchen utensils and which expressions are used for different types of preparation.
So you will soon be able to find your way around the kitchen and understand recipes in Latvian correctly.
We introduce you to all things restaurant related:
. You will learn extensive vocabulary relating to the restaurant itself, to table and place settings and to order drinks and dishes in Latvian.
Apply for a new job:
If you want to work in the catering or tourism sector, it is certainly very helpful to know all the necessary vocabulary for your application letter.
This chapter is dedicated specifically to this.
Complaints and refunds:
Unfortunately, not everything goes smoothly.
In this special vocabulary for gastronomy and tourism, we introduce you to many terms related to this subject area.
Summer holidays, excursions, sightseeing and shopping:
You will find separate detailed chapters on these topics in this course, which will introduce you to the most important vocabulary for them.
This chapter will be indispensable for you especially if you work in the tourism sector.
Learn everything you need to know about the reception at the hotel, the hotel room itself, and how to book a room or receive guests at the hotel or guesthouse.
Equipped with this knowledge, you will have no problems approaching guests at your establishment or checking into a hotel yourself.
The ingredients:
Of course, we also present the most important ingredients in separate chapters, so that you know which exact ingredients are used to prepare a dish.
Learn how to use a variety of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and spices in Latvian and how best to use them.
A detailed block gives you everything you need to know about time and weather as well as the names of more than 50 countries of the world in Latvian to take with you on your way.
These and many more topics are covered in the special vocabulary for gastronomy and tourism, which is divided into a total of 40 lessons.
Especially prepared for learning, you will quickly become very informed in your chosen topic of interest.
All vocabulary has been recorded for you by professional native speakers from Latvia.
This means you learn the authentic sound of the language and the correct intonation of words and expressions from the very beginning.
You have the possibility to listen and learn over 1,400 words covering different topics as often as you want!
In the learning and testing options, you can choose to play the vocabulary automatically.

This vocabulary trainer is highly recommended if you ...

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