“400 bilingual stories for Estonian learners:
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bilingual stories in Estonian and English
  • By reading the multitude of texts, you will gain a deep understanding of the Estonian language.
    It is the perfect practice material to understand Estonian like your own native language and to be able to speak it with absolute fluency.
  • You will be able to understand common phrases and everyday language, which is essential for fluency.
  • The 400+ texts have been created by linguists who have a deep understanding of the needs of Estonian learners.
  • The stories contain more than 5,000 sentences in Estonian, which would fill six books of 200 pages each if printed out.
  • You can read the texts in any browser.
    You can also choose whether you want to read the sentences in Estonian and English one after the other.
    You also have the option of hiding the sentences in Estonian or English: you will only see the translation when you tap or click on it.

Wide variety of texts:

These 400 texts combine a variety of topics and styles to present you the full spectrum of the Estonian language:
150 short stories in Estonian and English
Want to expand your vocabulary?
This collection offers more than 150 short stories on all kinds of interesting topics.
practise Estonian grammar with texts in Estonian
Want to practise your grammar?
In more than 100 collections of sentences, you can delve deeper into one topic from Estonian grammar.
everyday dialogue texts in Estonian and English
Do you want to understand everyday Estonian?
Immerse yourself in 150 real-life conversations that will give you the practical help you need in these situations.
Learn the subtleties and nuances of Estonian with all of these texts.

Master Estonian with texts for beginners, advanced learners and professionals:

The 400 bilingual texts are a well thought-out learning tool specially designed to improve your language skills.
The texts are organised according to 6 language levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2).
You have the option of displaying all sentences or hiding the translations in English so that you only see them when you tap or click on them.
This gives you control over your learning workload and allows you to progress continuously.
Estonian texts on all learning levels

Targeted learning made easy:

An interactive, clickable table of contents makes navigation easier and allows you to jump directly to the topics that interest you most.
Whether you want to concentrate on a specific subject area or simply browse through the variety of texts – this book adapts to your individual learning style.
interactive e-book Estonian-English

Learning in small bites:

The best thing about it?
You don't have to read and learn for hours at a time.
The texts are designed so that one text can be read in just three minutes.
So you can learn in small steps every day – perfect for a busy schedule or for those who want to learn in between.
Estonian texts in clearly organised learning units

Adapt the texts perfectly to your learning level:

Have you just started learning Estonian?
Then we recommend that you first read a sentence in Estonian and then look at its English equivalent.
The English translation can be hidden so that you can think about the meaning of the sentence without being disturbed.
Have you already reached a more advanced level?
In this case, it's best to start with the sentence in English and hide the Estonian version.
This will give you time to think about how you would translate this sentence into Estonian.
Estonian texts for beginners and advanced readers

Unlimited reading on any device:

You won't run out of reading material any time soon – if printed out, the texts would fill six books of 200 pages each.
You can read the texts on any browser – on your PC, tablet and smartphone.
reading texts Estonian for PC, tablet, smartphone

So you progress quickly:

  • If you have learnt more than 600 Estonian vocabulary words, keep reading the A1 level texts until you understand everything.
  • If you have learnt more than 1,300 Estonian words, read the A2 level texts until you understand everything.
  • If you have learnt more than 2,100 Estonian words, read the B1 level texts until you understand everything.
  • If you have learnt more than 3,000 Estonian words, read the level B2 texts until you understand everything.
  • If you have learnt more than 4,000 Estonian words, read the C1 level texts until you understand everything.
  • If you have learnt more than 5,000 Estonian words, read the level C2 texts until you understand everything.
With over 1,000 sentences per learning level, you won't run out of learning materials anytime soon.
how many Estonian words for different learning levels

Test the texts

If you want a taste of this unique learning experience, read the free trial version of the texts (with a sample 20 of the 400 texts):
This will give you an insight into the structure and quality of the texts provided.
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Jäätist ostma
Buying ice cream
On palav suvepäev.
It's a hot summer day.
Poiss läheb jäätiseputkasse.
A boy goes to the ice cream shop.
Ta tahab jäätist osta.
He wants to buy an ice cream.
Ta näeb palju erinevaid maitseid.
He sees many different flavors.
Šokolaad, vanill, maasikas ja rohkem.
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and more.
Ta ei suuda otsustada.
He can't decide.
Ta küsib müüjannalt nõu.
He asks the saleswoman for advice.
Ta soovitab talle mango maitset.
She recommends the mango flavor.
Ta proovib seda ja see maitseb talle.
He tries it and he likes it.
Ta ostab mango jäätise.
He buys the mango ice cream.
Ta on rahul oma valikuga.
He is happy with his choice.
Ta läheb koju ja naudib oma jäätist.
He goes home and enjoys his ice cream.
On ilus päev.
It's a beautiful day.
Laused A1 tasemel verbide kasutamise kohta olevikus
A1 level sentences demonstrating the use of verbs in the present tense
Ma söön õuna.
I am eating an apple.
Sa lähed kooli.
You are going to school.
Ta joob vett.
He is drinking water.
Ta magab.
She is sleeping.
Me mängime jalgpalli.
We are playing football.
Te loete raamatut.
You are reading a book.
Nad tantsivad.
They are dancing.
Ma vaatan filmi.
I am watching a movie.
Sa laulad laulu.
You are singing a song.
Ta valmistab toitu.
He is cooking the meal.
Ta ujub.
She swims.
Me naerame.
We laugh.
Te jooksete.
You (plural) run.
Nad õpivad.
They study.
Ma joonistan.
I draw.
Sa räägid.
You speak.
Ta kirjutab.
He writes.
Ta kuulab muusikat.
She listens to music.
Me sõidame autoga.
We drive a car.
Te tantsite.
You are dancing.
Vestlus: Tervitage kedagi, keda te teate
Conversation: Greet someone you know
Tere Peter, kuidas sul läheb?
Hello Peter, how are you?
Ma pole sind kaua näinud.
I haven't seen you for a long time.
Kas sul on hea päev?
Are you having a good day?
Kuidas su nädalavahetus möödus?
How was your weekend?
Mida sa tegid?
What did you do?
Kas see oli ilus?
Was it nice?
On hea sind näha.
It's nice to see you.
Ootan meie järgmist kohtumist.
I look forward to our next meeting.
Näeme hiljem!
See you later!
Omaks võtta tervislikum eluviis
Adopt a healthier lifestyle
Mehmet sõi alati pitsat ja kiirtoitu.
Mehmet has always eaten pizza and fast food.
Kuid nüüd soovib ta süüa tervislikumalt.
But now he wants to eat healthier.
Ta läheb turule ja ostab köögivilju ja puuvilju.
He goes to the market and buys vegetables and fruit.
Ta küpsetab kodus ja ei söö enam kiirtoitu.
He cooks at home and doesn't eat fast food anymore.
Mehmet hakkab ka sportima.
Mehmet also starts exercising.
Ta läheb jõusaali.
He goes to the gym.
Ta jookseb iga päev ühe tunni.
He runs for an hour every day.
Ta tunneb end paremini ja on energilisem.
He feels better and has more energy.
Tema sõbrad märkavad muutust.
His friends notice the change.
Nad ütlevad: "Mehmet, sa näed hea välja!"
They say: "Mehmet, you look good!"
Mehmet on rahul oma uue eluviisiga.
Mehmet is happy with his new lifestyle.
Ta ütleb: "Tunnen end tervemana ja tugevamana."
He says: "I feel healthier and stronger."
Mehmet on omaks võtnud tervislikuma eluviisi ja on õnnelik.
Mehmet has adopted a healthier lifestyle and is happy.
A2 laused isikupronoomenite kasutamise kohta erinevates kontekstides
A2 sentences illustrating the use of personal pronouns in various contexts
Ta teeb sageli pastat, sest armastab Itaaliat.
She often cooks pasta because she loves Italy.
Me kohtusime temaga pargis ja veetsime suurepärase aja.
We met him in the park and had a great time.
Te võite meid hea meelega külastada.
You are welcome to visit us.
Kas ma saan sulle aidata raamatut leida?
Can I help you find the book?
Nad vaatavad kinos filmi.
They are watching a movie in the cinema.
Talle meeldib tema müts, sest see on värviline.
He likes her hat because it is colorful.
Ta jalutab oma koeraga.
She is walking with her dog.
Oleme planeerinud reisi Kreekasse.
We have planned a trip to Greece.
Kas sa saad mulle palun soola ulatada?
Could you please pass me the salt?
Ta parandab tema autot, sest ta ise ei saa seda teha.
He is fixing her car because she can't.
Nad armastavad oma tööd, sest see on loov.
They love their job because it is creative.
Kas ma võin teile klaasi vett tuua?
Can I bring you (formal) a glass of water?
Ta kingib talle iga päev roosi.
He gives her a rose every day.
Nad tulevad homme meie juurde.
They are coming to us tomorrow.
Kas sa saad talle sõnumi edastada?
Can you deliver the message to him?
Ta räägib meile naljaka loo.
She tells us a funny story.
Te olete alati teretulnud.
You are always welcome.
Kas ma võin sulle raamatut anda?
Can I give you the book?
Ta kirjutab neile kirja.
He writes them a letter.
Ta andis mulle kingituse.
She gave me a gift.
Vestlus: Arutelu teie igapäevase rutiini üle ja mida te päeva jooksul teete
Conversation: Discussion about your daily routine and what you do during the day
Ärkan iga hommik kell seitse.
I wake up every morning at seven o'clock.
Seejärel pesen hambaid ja käin duši all.
Then, I brush my teeth and take a shower.
Ma söön hommikust ja joon kohvi, et päeva alustada.
I have breakfast and drink coffee to start the day.
Seejärel lähen tööle ja töötan kella viieni.
Then I go to work and work until five o'clock.
Pärast tööd lähen jõusaali.
After work, I go to the gym.
Tavaliselt valmistan õhtusööki ja vaatan seejärel televiisorit.
I usually cook my dinner and then watch TV.
Enne magamaminekut loen raamatut.
Before going to bed, I read a book.
Tavaliselt lähen magama umbes kell kümme.
I usually go to bed around ten o'clock.
See on minu igapäevane rutiin.
This is my daily routine.
Kodu renoveerimisprojekti planeerimine ja teostamine
Planning and implementing a home renovation project
Minu nimi on Sarah ja ma elan Seattles.
My name is Sarah and I live in Seattle.
Minu kirg on vanade majade renoveerimine.
My passion is renovating old houses.
Hiljuti ostsin vana viktoriaanliku maja.
I recently bought an old Victorian house.
See oli halvas seisukorras, kuid ma nägin selles potentsiaali.
It was in a bad condition, but I saw potential.
Ma hakkasin renoveerimist planeerima.
I started planning the renovation.
Kõigepealt koostasin nimekirja vajalikest töödest.
First, I made a list of necessary works.
Seejärel hakkasin otsima käsitöölisi.
Then, I started looking for craftsmen.
Õigete inimeste leidmine polnud lihtne.
It wasn't easy to find the right people.
Kuid ma ei andnud alla ja lõpuks leidsin suurepärase meeskonna.
But I didn't give up and finally found a great team.
Alustasime maja renoveerimist.
We began to renovate the house.
See oli palju tööd, kuid me vastasime väljakutsele.
It was a lot of work, but we took up the challenge.
Iga päev nägin parandusi ja see oli väga rahuldav.
Every day, I saw improvements and it was very fulfilling.
Lõpuks oli maja valmis ja ma olin uhke selle üle, mida olime saavutanud.
Finally, the house was finished, and I was proud of what we had accomplished.
Vana viktoriaanlik maja oli nüüd kaunis kodu.
The old Victorian house was now a beautiful home.
See oli pikk ja kurnav protsess, kuid see oli seda väärt.
It was a long and exhausting process, but it was worth it.
Ootan põnevusega oma järgmise renoveerimisprojekti algust.
I am looking forward to starting my next renovation project.
B1 laused, mis demonstreerivad omastavate asesõnade õiget kasutust
B1 sentences demonstrating the correct use of possessive pronouns
Sinu lahkus on see, mida ma sinus kõige rohkem hindan.
Your kindness is what I appreciate most about you.
Nende vana maja on erilise võluga.
Your old house has a special charm.
Tema kirjutamisviis on väga unikaalne.
His way of writing is very unique.
Meie vanaema jättis meile selle kaelakee.
Our grandmother left us this necklace.
Tema entusiasm kunsti vastu on nakkav.
His enthusiasm for art is infectious.
See on tema lemmikrestoran linnas.
This is her favorite restaurant in the city.
Sinu ausus on imetlusväärne.
Your honesty is admirable.
Meie maja vaatega merele on imeline.
Our house has a beautiful view of the sea.
Tema loovus on tõesti muljetavaldav.
Her creativity is really impressive.
Tema isa omab suurt raamatukogu.
Her father has a large library.
Minu sõber kaotas oma võtmed.
My friend lost his keys.
Tema õpetaja on väga range.
Her teacher is very strict.
Sinu vend on suurepärase huumorimeelega.
Your brother has a great sense of humor.
See on meie uus auto.
This is our new car.
Tema kingad on väga stiilsed.
Her shoes are very stylish.
Minu isa ehitas selle laua ise.
My father built this table himself.
Tema kass on väga armas.
Her cat is very cute.
Sinu ema on suurepärane kokk.
Your mother cooks excellently.
Tema õed-vennad on väga sportlikud.
His siblings are very athletic.
See on tema lemmikfilm.
This is her favorite movie.
Vestlus: Arutelu teie lemmikfilmide ja telesarjade üle, sealhulgas žanrid ja näitlejad
Conversation: Discussion about your favorite movies and TV series, including genres and actors
Millist tüüpi filme ja telesarju te eelistate vaadata?
What kind of movies and TV series do you prefer to watch?
Mulle väga meeldib ulme ja seiklusfilmid.
I really like science fiction and adventure movies.
Kas teil on lemmiknäitleja või lemmiknäitlejanna?
Do you have a favorite actor or actress?
Jah, olen suur Leonardo DiCaprio fänn.
Yes, I am a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio.
Millist telesarja soovitate kõige rohkem?
Which TV series do you recommend the most?
Ma soovitan "Stranger Things", sari on väga põnev.
I recommend 'Stranger Things', the series is very exciting.
Mis on teie kõigi aegade lemmikfilm?
What is your all-time favorite movie?
Minu lemmikfilm on "Ristiisa".
My favorite movie is 'The Godfather'.
Mulle meeldivad ka dokumentaalfilmid, eriti need, mis käsitlevad loodust ja keskkonda.
I also like documentaries, especially those that deal with nature and environment.
Teejuht läbimurdeks taastuvenergia tehnoloogiates
Pioneering work for the breakthrough in renewable energy technologies
Mina olen Zainab, leidlik teadlane Kuala Lumpurist, Malaisiast.
I am Zainab, an inventive scientist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Minu visioon on varustada maailma jätkusuutliku energiaga, arendades uusi tehnoloogiaid.
My vision is to power the world with sustainable energy by developing new technologies.
Ühel päeval avastasin võimaluse toota päikesepaneele tõhusamalt ja soodsamalt.
One day, I discovered a way to manufacture solar cells more efficiently and cost-effectively.
See lihtsustaks paljudele inimestele maailmas puhta energia juurdepääsu.
This would make access to clean energy easier for many people around the world.
Töö oli siiski väljakutsuv ja nõudis paljude aastate intensiivset uurimist ja arendamist.
However, the work was challenging and required many years of intense research and development.
Pärast lugematuid katseid ja täiustusi suutsime tehnoloogia turuvalmis teha.
After countless experiments and improvements, we were able to bring the technology to market maturity.
Läbimurre saabus, kui suur energiaettevõte näitas huvi meie tehnoloogia vastu.
The breakthrough came when a major energy company showed interest in our technology.
Nad investeerisid meie ettevõttesse ja aitasid meil tootmist suurendada.
They invested in our company and helped us increase production.
Meie taastuvad energiaallikad võeti kasutusele kogu maailmas ja aitasid vähendada süsinikdioksiidi heiteid.
Our renewable energy sources were used worldwide and contributed to reducing carbon emissions.
Täna olen uhke, et olen aidanud maailma paremaks muuta.
Today, I am proud to have contributed to making the world a better place.
Kuid reis ei lõpe siin.
But the journey doesn't end here.
Olen otsustanud jätkata uuenduslike tehnoloogiate arendamist, mis parandavad meie elu ja kaitsevad meie planeeti.
I am determined to continue developing innovative technologies that improve our lives and protect our planet.
B2 laused demonstratiivpronoomenite rolli kohta
B2 sentences on the role of demonstrative pronouns
Need puud, mida taustal näed, on mitu sajandit vanad.
Those trees that you see in the background are several centuries old.
See maal, mis nurgas ripub, on Renessansi päritolu.
This painting hanging in the corner originates from the Renaissance.
Need raamatud siin on minu uuringute aluseks.
These books here form the foundation for my research.
Need linnud seal puuris on haruldased liigid.
Those birds over there in the cage are rare species.
Need lilled, mida sa istutasid, on imeliselt õitsenud.
These flowers that you planted bloomed wonderfully.
Need skulptuurid seal on 18. sajandist.
Those sculptures over there are from the 18th century.
See linn, kus ma elan, on rikka ajalooga.
This city where I live has a rich history.
See mees seal on tuntud kirjanik.
That man over there is a famous writer.
See mägi, mida näed, on piirkonna kõrgeim.
This mountain you see is the highest in the region.
See lugu, mida räägid, on huvitav.
This story you are telling is fascinating.
Need pilved seal ennustavad tormi.
Those clouds there announce a storm.
See sild, mida me ületame, ehitati eelmisel sajandil.
This bridge we are crossing was built last century.
See luuletus, mida sa deklameerisid, puudutas mind sügavalt.
This poem you recited has deeply touched me.
See jõgi, mida me eile nägime, on väga tuntud.
That river we saw yesterday is very famous.
Need sõnad, mida sa ütlesid, jäävad minuga.
These words you said stay with me.
See laev seal on väga vana.
That ship out there is very old.
Selle õunapuu siin istutas minu vanaisa.
This apple tree here was planted by my grandfather.
See laul, mida ta laulab, on väga ilus.
That song she sings is very beautiful.
See kogemus, mille sa said, on väga väärtuslik.
This experience you had is very valuable.
See mägi, mida kaugelt näha võib, on populaarne matkasihtkoht.
That mountain seen in the distance is a popular hiking destination.
Vestlus: Jagage oma reisiseiklusi ja arutage kultuuriliste kohtumiste üle
Conversation: Share your travel adventures and discuss cultural encounters
Minu reisi ajal Taisse kohtasin ma paeluvat segu traditsioonist ja modernsusest.
During my trip to Thailand, I encountered a fascinating mix of tradition and modernity.
Kas olete kunagi külastanud Kambodžas asuvaid põnevaid Angkori templeid?
Have you ever visited the fascinating temples of Angkor in Cambodia?
Jaapani inimeste külalislahkus tegi mulle sügava mulje.
The hospitality of the people in Japan deeply impressed me.
Milliseid erakordseid kultuurielamusi olete oma reisidel kogenud?
What extraordinary cultural experiences have you had on your travels?
Dubais olev hämmastav arhitektuur on tõeline silmailu.
The breathtaking architecture in Dubai is a feast for the eyes.
Kas olete kogenud India ainulaadseid kulinaarseid traditsioone?
Have you experienced the unique culinary traditions of India?
Minu matk läbi Peruu vihmametsa oli tõeline seiklus.
My trek through the Peruvian rainforest was a real adventure.
Milliseid riike olete külastanud, mis on teid sügavalt mõjutanud?
Which countries have you visited that had a profound impact on you?
Kohtumine Keenias asuvate Maasai inimestega oli elumuutev kogemus.
Meeting the Maasai in Kenya was a life-changing experience.
Reisimine ei ava meile mitte ainult silmi, vaid ka südant uutele kultuuridele.
Traveling not only opens our eyes but also our hearts to new cultures.
Geneetika tipptasemel uurimisprojekti juhtimine
Leading a groundbreaking research project in genetic engineering
Marta, silmapaistev geneetik elava San Francisco linnas, seisnes väljakutse ees.
Marta, an outstanding geneticist in the vibrant city of San Francisco, was faced with a challenge.
Ta juhtis teadlaste meeskonda, kes viisid läbi tipptasemel uurimisprojekti taimede geneetiliseks muutmiseks.
She led a team of scientists in conducting a cutting-edge research project on genetic modification of plants.
Nad püüdsid nisu muuta nii, et see võiks kasvada äärmuslikes kliimatingimustes.
They were trying to modify wheat so that it could grow in extreme climate conditions.
Marta veetis laboris lõputuid tunde, analüüsides geneetilisi jadasid ja modifitseerides geene.
Marta spent countless hours in the lab, analyzing genetic sequences and modifying genes.
Hoolimata väljakutsetest ja ebakindlusest säilitas ta alati oma optimismi ja otsustavust.
Despite the challenges and uncertainty, she always kept her optimism and determination.
Ta uskus kindlalt, et tema tööll on potentsiaal maailma muuta ja võidelda nälja ja vaesuse vastu.
She firmly believed that her work had the potential to change the world and combat hunger and poverty.
Marta ja tema meeskond töötasid väsimatult, otsides alati järgmist läbimurret.
Marta and her team worked tirelessly, always in search of the next breakthrough.
Nad ületasid tagasilööke, tähistasid väikeseid võite ja õppisid pidevalt juurde.
They overcame setbacks, celebrated small victories, and constantly learned.
Pärast aastatepikkust uurimistööd ja lugematuid katseid saavutasid nad lõpuks olulise läbimurde.
After years of research and countless experiments, they finally achieved a significant breakthrough.
Nad lõid geneetiliselt muundatud nisu sordi, mis võis ekstreemsetes tingimustes edukalt kasvada.
They had created a genetically modified wheat variety that could thrive in extreme conditions.
Marta tundis oma töö edukuse nähes uhkuse ja täitmise lainet.
Marta felt a wave of pride and fulfillment as she saw the success of her work.
Tema uurimistööll oli potentsiaal aidata miljoneid inimesi ja võidelda maailma näljahädaga.
Her research had the potential to help millions of people and combat world hunger.
Ta oli uhke, et on osa sellisest läbimurdvast tööst, mis nihutas võimaluste piire edasi.
She was proud to be part of such groundbreaking work that pushed the boundaries of the possible.
Lootuse ja optimismi tundega vaatas Marta tulevikku, valmis vastu astuma eelseisvatele väljakutsetele, mis teel ette tulevad.
With a sense of hope and optimism, Marta looked to the future, ready for the next challenges that would come her way.
Vestlus: Rääkige oma kogemustest juhtivates rollides ja meeskonna juhtimises
Conversation: Discussing your experiences in leadership roles and team management
Oma rollis meeskonna juhina mõistsin kiiresti, et efektiivne suhtlus on otsustava tähtsusega.
In my role as team leader, I quickly realized that effective communication is crucial.
Mõnikord on vajalik teha rasked otsused, mis mõjutavad kogu meeskonda.
Sometimes it is necessary to make difficult decisions that affect the entire team.
Minu ülesanne oli meeskonda motiveerida ja samal ajal tagada, et töö saaks tõhusalt tehtud.
It was my job to motivate the team while ensuring that the work gets done effectively.
Sain aru, et iga meeskonnaliikme individuaalsete tugevuste ja nõrkuste mõistmine on väga oluline.
I learned that understanding the individual strengths and weaknesses of each team member is of great importance.
Mõnikord pidin lahendama meeskonna siseseid konflikte ja leidma õiglase kompromissi.
Sometimes I had to resolve conflicts within the team and find a fair compromise.
Avatud ja toetava kultuuri arendamine oli minu juhtimisfilosoofia oluline osa.
Developing an open and supportive culture was an important part of my leadership philosophy.
Iga üksiku panuse hindamine ja ühtekuuluvuse edendamine olid meie edu võtmeks.
Appreciating each individual's contribution and fostering cohesion were keys to our success.
Tunnistan ka vajadust pideva tagasiside andmiseks ja saamiseks, et soodustada kasvu ja paranemist.
I also recognized the need to give and receive continuous feedback to promote growth and improvement.
Minu kogemus näitas, et juhtimine tähendab teiste inspireerimist andma parimat, mida nad saavad.
My experience has shown me that leadership means inspiring others to give their best.
Globaalse reaktsiooni koordineerimine massiivsele küberrünnakule kriitilisele infrastruktuurile
Coordination of a global response to a massive cyber attack on critical infrastructures
Oli vaikne ja tähtsäras öö, kui maailma turvakeskuste ekraanidel hakkasid ilmuma õnnetu märguanded.
It was a quiet and starlit night when ominous warning messages began to appear on the screens of security centers around the world.
Olen Jin-ho, kõrgelt hinnatud võrguturvalisuse analüütik Seoulist, ja olin just asetanud oma kohvitassi, kui mu monitoril hakkas vilkuma esimene hoiatussignaal.
I am Jin-ho, a high-ranking network security analyst based in Seoul, and I had just set down my coffee cup when the first warning signal started flashing on my monitor.
Mõne sekundi jooksul sain aru, et tegemist ei ole tavalise turvaintsidendiga.
Within a few seconds, it became clear to me that we were not dealing with an everyday security incident here.
Tundmatu osaline viis läbi kõrgelt koordineeritud rünnaku kriitilisele infrastruktuurile kogu maailmas.
An unidentified actor was conducting a highly coordinated attack on critical infrastructures worldwide.
Kui rünnaku ulatus muutus üha selgemaks, helistasin oma kolleegidele Tokyos, Washingtonis ja Londonis, et koordineerida globaalset reageerimiskava.
As the scope of the attack became more and more clear, I called my colleagues in Tokyo, Washington, and London to coordinate a global response plan.
Väljakutse oli enneolematu, kuid me pidime keskenduma rooli haaramisele selles globaalses kriisis.
The challenge was unprecedented, but we had to focus on taking the helm in this global crisis.
Kaose keskel võtsime ühendust ekspertide ja valitsustega üle maailma, et arutada järgmisi samme ja koordineerida tõhusat vastumeetmet.
Amid the chaos, we connected with experts and governments around the world to discuss the next steps and coordinate an effective countermeasure.
See massiivne rünnak rõhutab vajadust, et riigid peaksid koostööd tegema, et küberruum oleks turvalisem.
This massive attack underscores the need for countries to work together to make cyberspace safer.
Vestlus: Oskuste jagamine rahvusvahelises diplomaatias ja geopoliitikas
Conversation: Exchange of expert insights on international diplomacy and geopolitics
Geopoliitika on keerukas ja dünaamiline distsipliin, mis uurib võimu, ruumi ja aja koostoimet globaalsel tasandil.
Geopolitics is a complex and dynamic discipline that examines the interaction of power, space, and time on a global scale.
Kuidas hindaksite praegust geopoliitilist maastikku?
How would you assess the current geopolitical landscape?
Arvestades hiljutisi pingeid ja geopoliitilisi muutusi, tundub maailm olevat pidevas muutumises.
Considering recent tensions and geopolitical changes, the world seems to be subject to constant change.
Millist rolli mängib diplomaatia selles pidevalt muutuvas kontekstis?
What role does diplomacy play in this constantly changing context?
Diplomaatia toimib põhilise vahendina dialoogi edendamiseks, konfliktide lahendamiseks ja rahvusvaheliste suhete säilitamiseks.
Diplomacy serves as a fundamental tool for promoting dialogue, resolving conflicts, and maintaining international relations.
Kas saaksite analüüsida praegust geopoliitilist konflikti ja anda oma hinnangu?
Could you analyze a current geopolitical conflict and give your assessment?
Püsivad pinged suurriikide vahel omavad potentsiaali tõsiselt häirida geopoliitilist tasakaalu.
The ongoing tensions between the major powers have the potential to seriously disrupt the geopolitical balance.
Kuidas võiksid diplomaatilised meetmed aidata vähendada selliseid pingeid?
How could diplomatic measures contribute to easing such tensions?
Konstruktiivsete läbirääkimiste ja koostöötahtega saavad diplomaadid rajada aluse rahulikumale tulevikule.
Through constructive negotiations and a willingness to cooperate, diplomats can lay the foundation for a more peaceful future.

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