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  • By reading the multitude of texts, you will gain a deep understanding of the Croatian language.
    It is the perfect practice material to understand Croatian like your own native language and to be able to speak it with absolute fluency.
  • You will be able to understand common phrases and everyday language, which is essential for fluency.
  • The 400+ texts have been created by linguists who have a deep understanding of the needs of Croatian learners.
  • The stories contain more than 5,000 sentences in Croatian, which would fill six books of 200 pages each if printed out.
  • You can read the texts in any browser.
    You can also choose whether you want to read the sentences in Croatian and English one after the other.
    You also have the option of hiding the sentences in Croatian or English: you will only see the translation when you tap or click on it.

Wide variety of texts:

These 400 texts combine a variety of topics and styles to present you the full spectrum of the Croatian language:
150 short stories in Croatian and English
Want to expand your vocabulary?
This collection offers more than 150 short stories on all kinds of interesting topics.
practise Croatian grammar with texts in Croatian
Want to practise your grammar?
In more than 100 collections of sentences, you can delve deeper into one topic from Croatian grammar.
everyday dialogue texts in Croatian and English
Do you want to understand everyday Croatian?
Immerse yourself in 150 real-life conversations that will give you the practical help you need in these situations.
Learn the subtleties and nuances of Croatian with all of these texts.

Master Croatian with texts for beginners, advanced learners and professionals:

The 400 bilingual texts are a well thought-out learning tool specially designed to improve your language skills.
The texts are organised according to 6 language levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2).
You have the option of displaying all sentences or hiding the translations in English so that you only see them when you tap or click on them.
This gives you control over your learning workload and allows you to progress continuously.
Croatian texts on all learning levels

Targeted learning made easy:

An interactive, clickable table of contents makes navigation easier and allows you to jump directly to the topics that interest you most.
Whether you want to concentrate on a specific subject area or simply browse through the variety of texts – this book adapts to your individual learning style.
interactive e-book Croatian-English

Learning in small bites:

The best thing about it?
You don't have to read and learn for hours at a time.
The texts are designed so that one text can be read in just three minutes.
So you can learn in small steps every day – perfect for a busy schedule or for those who want to learn in between.
Croatian texts in clearly organised learning units

Adapt the texts perfectly to your learning level:

Have you just started learning Croatian?
Then we recommend that you first read a sentence in Croatian and then look at its English equivalent.
The English translation can be hidden so that you can think about the meaning of the sentence without being disturbed.
Have you already reached a more advanced level?
In this case, it's best to start with the sentence in English and hide the Croatian version.
This will give you time to think about how you would translate this sentence into Croatian.
Croatian texts for beginners and advanced readers

Unlimited reading on any device:

You won't run out of reading material any time soon – if printed out, the texts would fill six books of 200 pages each.
You can read the texts on any browser – on your PC, tablet and smartphone.
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So you progress quickly:

  • If you have learnt more than 600 Croatian vocabulary words, keep reading the A1 level texts until you understand everything.
  • If you have learnt more than 1,300 Croatian words, read the A2 level texts until you understand everything.
  • If you have learnt more than 2,100 Croatian words, read the B1 level texts until you understand everything.
  • If you have learnt more than 3,000 Croatian words, read the level B2 texts until you understand everything.
  • If you have learnt more than 4,000 Croatian words, read the C1 level texts until you understand everything.
  • If you have learnt more than 5,000 Croatian words, read the level C2 texts until you understand everything.
With over 1,000 sentences per learning level, you won't run out of learning materials anytime soon.
how many Croatian words for different learning levels

Test the texts

If you want a taste of this unique learning experience, read the free trial version of the texts (with a sample 20 of the 400 texts):
This will give you an insight into the structure and quality of the texts provided.
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Kupnja sladoleda
Buying ice cream
Vrući je ljetni dan.
It's a hot summer day.
Dječak ide u trgovinu sa sladoledom.
A boy goes to the ice cream shop.
Želi kupiti sladoled.
He wants to buy an ice cream.
Vidi mnogo različitih vrsta.
He sees many different flavors.
Čokolada, vanilija, jagoda i više.
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and more.
Ne može se odlučiti.
He can't decide.
Pita prodavačicu za savjet.
He asks the saleswoman for advice.
Preporučuje mu sortu manga.
She recommends the mango flavor.
Probava to i sviđa mu se.
He tries it and he likes it.
Kupuje sladoled od manga.
He buys the mango ice cream.
Sretan je sa svojim izborom.
He is happy with his choice.
Ide kući i uživa u svom sladoledu.
He goes home and enjoys his ice cream.
To je lijep dan.
It's a beautiful day.
Rečenice razine A1 koje pokazuju upotrebu glagola u sadašnjem vremenu
A1 level sentences demonstrating the use of verbs in the present tense
Ja jedem jabuku.
I am eating an apple.
Ti ideš u školu.
You are going to school.
On pije vodu.
He is drinking water.
Ona spava.
She is sleeping.
Mi igramo nogomet.
We are playing football.
Vi čitate knjigu.
You are reading a book.
Oni plešu.
They are dancing.
Ja gledam film.
I am watching a movie.
Ti pjevaš pjesmu.
You are singing a song.
On kuha hranu.
He is cooking the meal.
Ona pliva.
She swims.
Mi se smijemo.
We laugh.
Vi trčite.
You (plural) run.
Oni studiraju.
They study.
Ja crtam.
I draw.
Ti govoriš.
You speak.
On piše.
He writes.
Ona sluša glazbu.
She listens to music.
Mi vozimo auto.
We drive a car.
Vi plešete.
You are dancing.
Razgovor: Pozdravite nekoga koga poznajete
Conversation: Greet someone you know
Bok Petre, kako si?
Hello Peter, how are you?
Dugo te nisam vidio.
I haven't seen you for a long time.
Imaš li dobar dan?
Are you having a good day?
Kako ti je bio vikend?
How was your weekend?
Što si radio?
What did you do?
Je li bilo lijepo?
Was it nice?
Drago mi je vidjeti te.
It's nice to see you.
Veselim se našem sljedećem susretu.
I look forward to our next meeting.
Vidimo se kasnije!
See you later!
Usvojiti zdraviji način života
Adopt a healthier lifestyle
Mehmet je uvijek jeo pizzu i brzu hranu.
Mehmet has always eaten pizza and fast food.
Ali sada želi jesti zdravije.
But now he wants to eat healthier.
Odlazi na tržnicu i kupuje povrće i voće.
He goes to the market and buys vegetables and fruit.
Kuha kod kuće i više ne jede brzu hranu.
He cooks at home and doesn't eat fast food anymore.
Mehmet počinje i s bavljenjem sportom.
Mehmet also starts exercising.
Odlazi u teretanu.
He goes to the gym.
Trči svaki dan sat vremena.
He runs for an hour every day.
Osjeća se bolje i ima više energije.
He feels better and has more energy.
Njegovi prijatelji primjećuju promjenu.
His friends notice the change.
Kažu: "Mehmete, izgledaš dobro!"
They say: "Mehmet, you look good!"
Mehmet je sretan s novim načinom života.
Mehmet is happy with his new lifestyle.
Kaže: "Osjećam se zdravije i jače."
He says: "I feel healthier and stronger."
Mehmet je usvojio zdraviji način života i sretan je.
Mehmet has adopted a healthier lifestyle and is happy.
A2 rečenice koje prikazuju upotrebu osobnih zamjenica u različitim kontekstima
A2 sentences illustrating the use of personal pronouns in various contexts
Ona često kuha tjesteninu jer voli Italiju.
She often cooks pasta because she loves Italy.
Sreli smo ga u parku i proveli smo se odlično.
We met him in the park and had a great time.
Slobodno nas možete posjetiti.
You are welcome to visit us.
Mogu li ti pomoći pronaći knjigu?
Can I help you find the book?
Gledaju film u kinu.
They are watching a movie in the cinema.
Sviđa mu se njezina kapa jer je šarena.
He likes her hat because it is colorful.
Ona šeta sa svojim psom.
She is walking with her dog.
Planirali smo putovanje u Grčku.
We have planned a trip to Greece.
Možeš li mi molim te dati sol?
Could you please pass me the salt?
On popravlja njezin auto jer ona to ne može.
He is fixing her car because she can't.
Oni vole svoj posao jer je kreativan.
They love their job because it is creative.
Mogu li vam donijeti čašu vode?
Can I bring you (formal) a glass of water?
On joj svaki dan daje ružu.
He gives her a rose every day.
Dolaze sutra k nama.
They are coming to us tomorrow.
Možeš li mu prenijeti poruku?
Can you deliver the message to him?
Ona nam priča smiješnu priču.
She tells us a funny story.
Uvijek ste dobrodošli.
You are always welcome.
Mogu li ti dati knjigu?
Can I give you the book?
On im piše pismo.
He writes them a letter.
Ona mi je dala poklon.
She gave me a gift.
Razgovor: Rasprava o vašoj dnevnoj rutini i što radite tijekom dana
Conversation: Discussion about your daily routine and what you do during the day
Svako jutro se budim u sedam sati.
I wake up every morning at seven o'clock.
Nakon toga perem zube i tuširam se.
Then, I brush my teeth and take a shower.
Doručkujem i pijem kavu kako bih započeo dan.
I have breakfast and drink coffee to start the day.
Zatim idem na posao i radim do pet sati.
Then I go to work and work until five o'clock.
Nakon posla idem u teretanu.
After work, I go to the gym.
Obično kuham večeru i onda gledam televiziju.
I usually cook my dinner and then watch TV.
Prije spavanja čitam knjigu.
Before going to bed, I read a book.
Obično idem spavati oko deset sati.
I usually go to bed around ten o'clock.
To je moja dnevna rutina.
This is my daily routine.
Planiranje i izvođenje projekta obnove doma
Planning and implementing a home renovation project
Moje ime je Sarah i živim u Seattleu.
My name is Sarah and I live in Seattle.
Moja strast je obnova starih kuća.
My passion is renovating old houses.
Nedavno sam kupila staru viktorijansku kuću.
I recently bought an old Victorian house.
Bila je u lošem stanju, ali vidjela sam potencijal.
It was in a bad condition, but I saw potential.
Počela sam planirati obnovu.
I started planning the renovation.
Prvo sam napravila popis potrebnih radova.
First, I made a list of necessary works.
Zatim sam počela tražiti obrtnike.
Then, I started looking for craftsmen.
Nije bilo lako pronaći prave ljude.
It wasn't easy to find the right people.
Ali nisam odustala i na kraju sam pronašla sjajan tim.
But I didn't give up and finally found a great team.
Počeli smo obnavljati kuću.
We began to renovate the house.
Bio je to velik posao, ali prihvatili smo izazov.
It was a lot of work, but we took up the challenge.
Svaki dan vidjela sam poboljšanja i to je bilo vrlo ispunjavajuće.
Every day, I saw improvements and it was very fulfilling.
Na kraju je kuća bila gotova i ponosna sam na ono što smo postigli.
Finally, the house was finished, and I was proud of what we had accomplished.
Stara viktorijanska kuća sada je bila prekrasan dom.
The old Victorian house was now a beautiful home.
Bio je to dug i naporan proces, ali se isplatio.
It was a long and exhausting process, but it was worth it.
Veselim se započinjanju svog sljedećeg projekta obnove.
I am looking forward to starting my next renovation project.
B1 rečenice koje demonstriraju ispravnu upotrebu posvojnih zamjenica
B1 sentences demonstrating the correct use of possessive pronouns
Tvoja ljubaznost je ono što najviše cijenim kod tebe.
Your kindness is what I appreciate most about you.
Njihova stara kuća ima poseban šarm.
Your old house has a special charm.
Njegov način pisanja je vrlo jedinstven.
His way of writing is very unique.
Naša baka nam je ostavila ovu ogrlicu.
Our grandmother left us this necklace.
Njegov entuzijazam za umjetnost je zarazan.
His enthusiasm for art is infectious.
To je njen omiljeni restoran u gradu.
This is her favorite restaurant in the city.
Tvoja iskrenost je za divljenje.
Your honesty is admirable.
Naša kuća ima prekrasan pogled na more.
Our house has a beautiful view of the sea.
Njena kreativnost je zaista impresivna.
Her creativity is really impressive.
Njen otac ima veliku knjižnicu.
Her father has a large library.
Moj prijatelj je izgubio svoje ključeve.
My friend lost his keys.
Njena učiteljica je vrlo stroga.
Her teacher is very strict.
Tvoj brat ima odličan smisao za humor.
Your brother has a great sense of humor.
To je naš novi auto.
This is our new car.
Njene su cipele vrlo elegantne.
Her shoes are very stylish.
Moj otac je sam izgradio ovaj stol.
My father built this table himself.
Njena mačka je vrlo slatka.
Her cat is very cute.
Tvoja majka odlično kuha.
Your mother cooks excellently.
Njegova braća i sestre su vrlo sportski.
His siblings are very athletic.
To je njen najdraži film.
This is her favorite movie.
Razgovor: Rasprava o vašim omiljenim filmovima i televizijskim emisijama, uključujući žanrove i glumce
Conversation: Discussion about your favorite movies and TV series, including genres and actors
Koju vrstu filmova i televizijskih serija najradije gledate?
What kind of movies and TV series do you prefer to watch?
Vrlo volim znanstveno-fantastične i avanturističke filmove.
I really like science fiction and adventure movies.
Imate li omiljenog glumca ili glumicu?
Do you have a favorite actor or actress?
Da, veliki sam fan Leonarda DiCaprija.
Yes, I am a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio.
Koju televizijsku seriju najviše preporučujete?
Which TV series do you recommend the most?
Preporučujem ''Stranger Things'', serija je vrlo uzbudljiva.
I recommend 'Stranger Things', the series is very exciting.
Koji vam je najdraži film svih vremena?
What is your all-time favorite movie?
Moj najdraži film je ''Kum''.
My favorite movie is 'The Godfather'.
Volim i dokumentarne filmove, posebno one koji se bave prirodom i okolišem.
I also like documentaries, especially those that deal with nature and environment.
Pionirski rad na proboju u tehnologijama obnovljive energije
Pioneering work for the breakthrough in renewable energy technologies
Ja sam Zainab, inventivna znanstvenica iz Kuala Lumpura, Malezija.
I am Zainab, an inventive scientist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Moja je vizija snabdijevati svijet održivom energijom razvijanjem novih tehnologija.
My vision is to power the world with sustainable energy by developing new technologies.
Jednog dana otkrila sam način kako proizvesti solarni paneli efikasnije i jeftinije.
One day, I discovered a way to manufacture solar cells more efficiently and cost-effectively.
To bi olakšalo pristup čistoj energiji za mnoge ljude u svijetu.
This would make access to clean energy easier for many people around the world.
No, rad bio je izazovan i zahtijevao je mnogo godina intenzivnog istraživanja i razvoja.
However, the work was challenging and required many years of intense research and development.
Nakon brojnih eksperimenta i poboljšanja, uspjeli smo tehnologiju dovesti do tržišne zrelosti.
After countless experiments and improvements, we were able to bring the technology to market maturity.
Proboj je došao kada je velika energetska tvrtka pokazala interes za našu tehnologiju.
The breakthrough came when a major energy company showed interest in our technology.
Investirali su u našu tvrtku i pomogli nam povećati proizvodnju.
They invested in our company and helped us increase production.
Naši obnovljivi izvori energije koristili su se širom svijeta i pridonijeli smanjenju emisije ugljika.
Our renewable energy sources were used worldwide and contributed to reducing carbon emissions.
Danas sam ponosna što sam pridonijela tome da svijet bude bolje mjesto.
Today, I am proud to have contributed to making the world a better place.
Ali putovanje ovdje ne završava.
But the journey doesn't end here.
Odlučna sam nastaviti razvijati inovativne tehnologije koje će poboljšati naš život i zaštititi naš planet.
I am determined to continue developing innovative technologies that improve our lives and protect our planet.
B2 rečenice koje ističu ulogu pokaznih zamjenica
B2 sentences on the role of demonstrative pronouns
Ona stabla koja vidiš u pozadini stara su nekoliko stoljeća.
Those trees that you see in the background are several centuries old.
Ova slika koja visi u kutu potječe iz renesanse.
This painting hanging in the corner originates from the Renaissance.
Ove knjige ovdje su temelj mog istraživanja.
These books here form the foundation for my research.
One ptice tamo u kavezu su rijetke vrste.
Those birds over there in the cage are rare species.
Ovo cvijeće koje si posadio prekrasno je procvjetalo.
These flowers that you planted bloomed wonderfully.
One skulpture tamo su iz 18. stoljeća.
Those sculptures over there are from the 18th century.
Ovaj grad u kojem živim ima bogatu povijest.
This city where I live has a rich history.
Taj čovjek tamo je poznati pisac.
That man over there is a famous writer.
Ova planina koju vidiš je najviša u regiji.
This mountain you see is the highest in the region.
Ova priča koju pričaš je fascinantna.
This story you are telling is fascinating.
Oni oblaci tamo najavljuju oluju.
Those clouds there announce a storm.
Ovaj most koji prelazimo izgrađen je u prošlom stoljeću.
This bridge we are crossing was built last century.
Ova pjesma koju si recitirao/la duboko me dirnula.
This poem you recited has deeply touched me.
Ona rijeka koju smo jučer vidjeli vrlo je poznata.
That river we saw yesterday is very famous.
Ove riječi koje si rekao/la ostaju sa mnom.
These words you said stay with me.
Onaj brod tamo je vrlo star.
That ship out there is very old.
Ova jabuka ovdje je posađena od strane mog djeda.
This apple tree here was planted by my grandfather.
Ona pjesma koju ona pjeva je vrlo lijepa.
That song she sings is very beautiful.
Ovo iskustvo koje si stekao/la je vrlo vrijedno.
This experience you had is very valuable.
Ona planina koja se vidi u daljini popularna je destinacija za planinarenje.
That mountain seen in the distance is a popular hiking destination.
Razgovor: Dijelite svoje avanture s putovanja i raspravljate o kulturnim susretima
Conversation: Share your travel adventures and discuss cultural encounters
Tijekom mog putovanja u Tajland susreo sam fascinantnu mješavinu tradicije i modernosti.
During my trip to Thailand, I encountered a fascinating mix of tradition and modernity.
Jeste li ikada posjetili fascinantne hramove Angkora u Kambodži?
Have you ever visited the fascinating temples of Angkor in Cambodia?
Gostoljubivost ljudi u Japanu me duboko impresionirala.
The hospitality of the people in Japan deeply impressed me.
Kakva ste neobična kulturna iskustva imali na svojim putovanjima?
What extraordinary cultural experiences have you had on your travels?
Zapanjujuća arhitektura u Dubaiju pravi je užitak za oči.
The breathtaking architecture in Dubai is a feast for the eyes.
Jeste li doživjeli jedinstvene kulinarske tradicije u Indiji?
Have you experienced the unique culinary traditions of India?
Moj pohod kroz peruansku prašumu bio je prava avantura.
My trek through the Peruvian rainforest was a real adventure.
Koje ste zemlje posjetili koje su na vas imale duboki utjecaj?
Which countries have you visited that had a profound impact on you?
Susret s Masaijima u Keniji bio je iskustvo koje mijenja život.
Meeting the Maasai in Kenya was a life-changing experience.
Putovanja nam ne otvaraju samo oči, već i srce za nove kulture.
Traveling not only opens our eyes but also our hearts to new cultures.
Vođenje revolucionarnog istraživačkog projekta u genetskom inženjeringu
Leading a groundbreaking research project in genetic engineering
Marta, istaknuta genetičarka u živahnom San Franciscu, stajala je pred izazovom.
Marta, an outstanding geneticist in the vibrant city of San Francisco, was faced with a challenge.
Vodila je tim znanstvenika u provođenju revolucionarnog istraživačkog projekta o genetskoj modifikaciji biljaka.
She led a team of scientists in conducting a cutting-edge research project on genetic modification of plants.
Pokušavali su modificirati pšenicu tako da može rasti u ekstremnim klimatskim uvjetima.
They were trying to modify wheat so that it could grow in extreme climate conditions.
Marta je provodila beskrajne sate u laboratoriju analizirajući genetske sekvence i modificirajući gene.
Marta spent countless hours in the lab, analyzing genetic sequences and modifying genes.
Unatoč izazovima i neizvjesnosti, uvijek je zadržavala svoj optimizam i odlučnost.
Despite the challenges and uncertainty, she always kept her optimism and determination.
Čvrsto je vjerovala da njen rad ima potencijal promijeniti svijet i boriti se protiv gladi i siromaštva.
She firmly believed that her work had the potential to change the world and combat hunger and poverty.
Marta i njezin tim neumorno su radili, uvijek u potrazi za sljedećim probojem.
Marta and her team worked tirelessly, always in search of the next breakthrough.
Prevladavali su prepreke, slavili male pobjede i neprestano učili.
They overcame setbacks, celebrated small victories, and constantly learned.
Nakon godina istraživanja i bezbrojnih eksperimenata, napokon su postigli značajan proboj.
After years of research and countless experiments, they finally achieved a significant breakthrough.
Stvorili su genetski modificiranu vrstu pšenice koja je mogla uspijevati u ekstremnim uvjetima.
They had created a genetically modified wheat variety that could thrive in extreme conditions.
Marta je osjetila val ponosa i ispunjenosti kada je vidjela uspjeh svog rada.
Marta felt a wave of pride and fulfillment as she saw the success of her work.
Njena istraživanja imala su potencijal pomoći milijunima ljudi i boriti se protiv svjetske gladi.
Her research had the potential to help millions of people and combat world hunger.
Bila je ponosna što je dio takvog revolucionarnog rada koji je pomaknuo granice mogućeg.
She was proud to be part of such groundbreaking work that pushed the boundaries of the possible.
S osjećajem nade i optimizma, Marta je gledala prema budućnosti, spremna za sljedeće izazove koji će joj se naći na putu.
With a sense of hope and optimism, Marta looked to the future, ready for the next challenges that would come her way.
Razgovor: Razgovor o vašim iskustvima u vodećim ulogama i upravljanju timovima
Conversation: Discussing your experiences in leadership roles and team management
U svojoj ulozi vođe tima brzo sam shvatio da je učinkovita komunikacija ključna.
In my role as team leader, I quickly realized that effective communication is crucial.
Ponekad je potrebno donijeti teške odluke koje utječu na cijeli tim.
Sometimes it is necessary to make difficult decisions that affect the entire team.
Bila je moja zadaća motivirati tim i istovremeno osigurati učinkovito obavljanje posla.
It was my job to motivate the team while ensuring that the work gets done effectively.
Naučio sam da je razumijevanje individualnih snaga i slabosti svakog člana tima od velike važnosti.
I learned that understanding the individual strengths and weaknesses of each team member is of great importance.
Ponekad sam morao riješiti sukobe unutar tima i pronaći pravedan kompromis.
Sometimes I had to resolve conflicts within the team and find a fair compromise.
Razvijanje otvorene i potporne kulture bio je važan dio moje filozofije vođenja.
Developing an open and supportive culture was an important part of my leadership philosophy.
Cijenjenje doprinosa svakog pojedinca i poticanje kohezije ključni su za naš uspjeh.
Appreciating each individual's contribution and fostering cohesion were keys to our success.
Prepoznao sam i potrebu za kontinuiranim davanjem i primanjem povratnih informacija kako bih poticao rast i poboljšanje.
I also recognized the need to give and receive continuous feedback to promote growth and improvement.
Moje iskustvo pokazalo mi je da vodstvo znači inspirirati druge da daju svoje najbolje.
My experience has shown me that leadership means inspiring others to give their best.
Koordinacija globalnog odgovora na masovni sajber napad na kritičnu infrastrukturu
Coordination of a global response to a massive cyber attack on critical infrastructures
Bila je tiha i zvjezdana noć kada su na monitorima sigurnosnih centara diljem svijeta počele pojavljivati zlokobne poruke upozorenja.
It was a quiet and starlit night when ominous warning messages began to appear on the screens of security centers around the world.
Ja sam Jin-ho, visoko rangirani analitičar mrežne sigurnosti sa sjedištem u Seoulu, i upravo sam spustio svoju šalicu kave kad se prvi alarm počeo treptati na mom monitoru.
I am Jin-ho, a high-ranking network security analyst based in Seoul, and I had just set down my coffee cup when the first warning signal started flashing on my monitor.
U roku nekoliko sekundi postalo mi je jasno da ovdje ne govorimo o uobičajenom sigurnosnom incidentu.
Within a few seconds, it became clear to me that we were not dealing with an everyday security incident here.
Nidentificirani akter izvodio je visoko koordinirani napad na kritičnu infrastrukturu širom svijeta.
An unidentified actor was conducting a highly coordinated attack on critical infrastructures worldwide.
Kako je opseg napada postajao sve jasniji, nazvao sam svoje kolege u Tokiju, Washingtonu i Londonu kako bih koordinirao globalni plan reakcije.
As the scope of the attack became more and more clear, I called my colleagues in Tokyo, Washington, and London to coordinate a global response plan.
Izazov je bio bez presedana, ali morali smo se fokusirati na preuzimanje kormila u ovoj globalnoj krizi.
The challenge was unprecedented, but we had to focus on taking the helm in this global crisis.
U sredini kaosa povezali smo se s ekspertima i vladama širom svijeta kako bismo raspravili o sljedećim koracima i koordinirali učinkovite protumjere.
Amid the chaos, we connected with experts and governments around the world to discuss the next steps and coordinate an effective countermeasure.
Ovaj masivni napad naglašava potrebu za suradnjom zemalja kako bi se kibernetički prostor učinio sigurnijim.
This massive attack underscores the need for countries to work together to make cyberspace safer.
Razgovor: Razmjena stručnih uvida o međunarodnoj diplomaciji i geopolitici
Conversation: Exchange of expert insights on international diplomacy and geopolitics
Geopolitika je složena i dinamična disciplina koja proučava interakciju moći, prostora i vremena na globalnoj razini.
Geopolitics is a complex and dynamic discipline that examines the interaction of power, space, and time on a global scale.
Kako biste ocijenili trenutni geopolitički krajolik?
How would you assess the current geopolitical landscape?
S obzirom na recentne tenzije i geopolitičke promjene, svijet se čini podložan stalnim promjenama.
Considering recent tensions and geopolitical changes, the world seems to be subject to constant change.
Koju ulogu igra diplomacija u ovom stalno promjenjivom kontekstu?
What role does diplomacy play in this constantly changing context?
Diplomacija djeluje kao temeljni alat za promicanje dijaloga, rješavanje sukoba i održavanje međunarodnih odnosa.
Diplomacy serves as a fundamental tool for promoting dialogue, resolving conflicts, and maintaining international relations.
Možete li analizirati trenutni geopolitički sukob i iznijeti svoju procjenu?
Could you analyze a current geopolitical conflict and give your assessment?
Nastavljene napetosti među velikim silama imaju potencijal ozbiljno poremetiti geopolitičku ravnotežu.
The ongoing tensions between the major powers have the potential to seriously disrupt the geopolitical balance.
Kako bi diplomatske mjere mogle pridonijeti smanjenju takvih tenzija?
How could diplomatic measures contribute to easing such tensions?
Konstruktivnim pregovorima i voljom za suradnjom, diplomati mogu postaviti temelje za mirniju budućnost.
Through constructive negotiations and a willingness to cooperate, diplomats can lay the foundation for a more peaceful future.

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