With this video language course, your child will be able to speak Jordanian Arabic fluently in just a few months:

  • Your child will learn over 2500 words within a few months - they will be well on their way to becoming fluent in Jordanian Arabic.
  • Your child has the option to choose how long they would like to learn each time they log-on to the software, e.g. 3 minutes, 10 minutes etc.
    The program plays automatically.
    It's like watching a movie for your child.
  • The video uses the unique long-term memory learning method for optimal learning outcomes for your child.
  • Your child will have a huge advantage when they start school.
    This developmental stage offers a window of opportunity for acquiring new language(s)!
  • With only 10 minutes per day, your child learns 250 new words per month.
    With 20 minutes per day, your child learns 500 new words.
  • Within a short time, your child will be able to play with other children from Jordan and be able to communicate with them.
    Your trips will be so much more memorable.
  • The course is designed to awaken your child's curiosity and to have tremendous fun while learning.
    In this way, they will be motivated to learn each day.
  • With special super-learning music your child will learn 32% faster and will be able to memorize all the words better.
  • The course runs independently of the operating system, on any computer with an internet connection (on Windows, Linux or Mac).

The learning method behind the children's video language course:

The video language course is based on a simple concept:
In this novel course, all words are automatically spoken.
First, the word is played in English, then the word is played back 2 times in Jordanian Arabic. After the second time, your child will repeat it.
The 17 Minute Languages video uses the long-term learning method, (learning by repetition using spaced intervals) this ensures that the learned vocabulary is retained in the child's long-term memory both quickly and permanently.
Incorporating both auditory and visual learning methods makes learning fun and keeps your child motivated.
All the vocabulary is illustrated with matching pictures.
This way your child's learning is supported with visual aids.
So your little learner's brain works with two channels - the audio channel and the visual channel.
The innovative super-learning technology increases your child's learning capacity as the music significantly promotes concentration, increasing learning speed by 32%.
Your child will learn playfully, efficiently and permanently.

We'd like to suggest the following periods of learning for children of various ages:

  • Kindergarten children: 5 minutes per day (125 new words per month)
  • From 1st grade: 10 minutes per day (250 new words per month)
  • From 3rd grade: 20 minutes per day (500 new words per month)
  • From 5th grade: 30 minutes per day (750 new words per month)
  • From the 9th grade the child can transition to the vocabulary trainer for adults.
    The level of vocabulary increases and the course contains more words.
The video language course can be used anywhere, anytime.
Whether in the morning on the school bus using a tablet or mobile phone or at home in front of the PC.
Your child can quickly prepare for the upcoming family vacation!

How your child's learning will progress through watching movies:

If your child has been learning for at least four weeks, he/she may want to start watching movies.
We recommend that you show movies/cartoons in Jordanian Arabic or a series on Netflix or Youtube directly after learning.
As a result, they will learn Jordanian Arabic quite naturally, and still not have to fully understand every detail of grammar.
In a very short time you will see your child laugh in all the right places in the movie.

How your child will benefit:

  1. At school:
    When your child starts school they will have grasped a new language in a relaxed and playful way.
    As a result, he/she can channel their energy and time into other subjects.
  2. Travel:
    Your child will understand other children from Jordan and will be able to talk to them.
    You and your child will have opportunities to make new friends and have more fun traveling.
  3. Family and Circle of Friends:
    You have relatives or acquaintances from Jordan?
    Soon your children will be able to chat with them and have fun.
  4. Fun learning for the whole family:
    You will have lots of fun learning with this language course:
    You can watch the video course with your child and practice the language together.
    Siblings love to learn together, they will have fun interacting with the software, repeating words in Jordanian Arabic together.
  5. Media use:
    It always helps to speak a language fluently when using media.
    By watching movies and videos in Jordanian Arabic, your kids get to know and talk the everyday language.
  6. Fancy More:
    The video language course awakens your child's curiosity!
    The more your child understands (in movies, books, conversations, ...), the more they will be inspired to learn.
  7. Books and magazines:
    The print media will open up your child's world and broaden their horizons as they get to know a broad range of vocabulary incorporating different themes.

Your child will progress quickly:

Your child learns more than 2500 words within a few months - this is equal to 5 years of study in school.
Learning time of the entire program:
  • In 10 minutes a day, you can expect to learn 2500 words in 12 months
  • In 20 minutes a day, you will learn 2500 words in 6 months
  • In 30 minutes a day, you will achieve 2500 words in 4 months

More efficient learning and more fun through multimedia learning methods:

Studies have shown that having fun learning has a positive impact on learning motivation, learning more in less time and above all learning outcomes.
Unfortunately, the use of new media is often neglected at school.
Our course gives children an opportunity to learn how to become comfortable using media.
Children learn much more efficiently and 9 times faster with our video language course than at school:
Children learn on average 600 new vocabulary per year at school.
It takes 5 years in school for your child to speak the language fluently.
With this video language course, you can already see significant success after the first month of learning.

The video long-term memory learning method of 17 Minute Languages:

This learning method is based on the latest research in the area of learning.
Each word is presented again and again according to a precise rhythm until the word is known and therefore recorded in your long-term memory.
Initially, a new word is presented:
  • after one day;
  • after 2 days;
  • and again after 4 days.
Your child will remember the word for a few weeks.
In order to store it into long-term memory, it is subsequently repeated five more times:
  • After a day;
  • then after another 2 days;
  • after another 4 days;
  • after another 8 days;
  • and for the last time, 16 days later.
If your child knows the new word every time - it has been stored in their long-term memory.
With this method, your child memorizes all the vocabulary of the course systematically.
New vocabulary is added every day, so that his/her vocabulary increases very quickly.

Pronounced words:

All 2,500 words were recorded by professional native Jordanian Arabic speakers.
So your child learns a clear, accent-free pronunciation with the right emphasis!

Learn Jordanian Arabic 32.9% faster through superlearning music:

To optimize the learning process for your child, we have developed superlearning music that enhances the child's attention and learning ability.
As your child relaxes while listening to the background music, she/he will be able to learn more, especially as stress is known to block learning new material.
The "Binaural Beats" technology which has been integrated into the background supermusic, enables your child to better remember what they are learning.
In a test with 500 learners and over 100,000 learned vocabulary we measured the following:
Those who listen to superlearning music (while wearing a headset) memorize the words on average 32.9% faster and learn 63.7% longer each day than people who do not listen to the superlearning music.
Of course, those who prefer to learn without superlearning music can switch it off at any time.

System Requirements

The Children's Language Course is an online course that can be used without pre-installation.
It runs independently of the operating system on any computer with an internet connection (on Windows, Linux or Mac).
With the online course, your child can continue learning where they left off, regardless of the device they're using.

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Rapid progress:

This software program will make learning Jordanian Arabic fun and easy in breathtaking time.

Sophisticated software:

We first released this software in 2002.
Our developers revise it every year and with the greatest attention to detail.

Varied daily tasks:

Varied daily tasks and a huge selection of learning methods will motivate you to continue learning every day.

Unique learning methods:

With the long-term memory learning method and daily tasks tailored to you, you will learn Jordanian Arabic in record time.

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