The audio language trainer includes 15 easy-to-learn audio tracks.
Each track is 5 minutes long and teaches you 20 new words.
That's 300 of the most important words in total.
With the audio trainer, you can listen to and learn your new language while doing something else, for example:
...when doing physical activity
...while driving
...while sitting comfortably on the sofa at home
...on the train or bus between breaks or waiting periods!
You can listen to the audio trainer on a web browser on any device.
For example on your smartphone, on your tablet computer or on your PC!
The audio trainer has a built-in long-term memory learning method:
The sequence of the audio tracks is arranged in a way that you always learn and repeat the optimal tracks to the optimal time.
That way you memorise them easily in your long-term memory and you will never forget the words afterwards.
To help you remember the words even better, we have added superlearning music to the background of each track.
You will hear music that will deeply relax you.
Within a very short time you will become very focused:
You feel relaxed, breathe deeply and concentrate completely on the vocabulary.

The language course teaches you a new language much faster than with conventional learning methods – with only 17 minutes learning time per day.
You get a fast and highly efficient learning method that is fun: First conversations are possible after 3 hours – fluent language skills after 50 hours – for PC, Smartphone and Tablet.
Learn as little as 17 minutes per day.
You'll never forget the language again in your life with the unique long-term memory learning method.
With the novel superlearning technology, you'll learn 32% faster and can focus better.
The course is designed to teach you the new language on autopilot.
The learning methods will make learning a new language addictive, every single day.
You will learn up to 5000 words and reach the levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 in record time.
The built-in verb trainer and the sentence building trainer will teach you how to build sentences effortlessly.

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