‘Learn Brazilian Portuguese in a different way!
Have fun with the language while getting to know someone!’
learn to flirt in Brazilian Portuguese
learn to flirt in Brazilian Portuguese
The Brazilian Portuguese special vocabulary 'Flirting and Love' offers you more than the cliche stereotypical sayings.
A collection of 1,400 words categorised into 32 lessons are available to help you make those meaningful connections in your life.
This vocabulary trainer will provide you with lots of useful ice beakers.
You can put them to work in many situations.
Learn to get in touch with someone new in Brazilian Portuguese and see what kind of new relationship develops.
Improve your Brazilian Portuguese flirting skills – and develop a new found love for learning Brazilian Portuguese.

flirt course Brazilian Portuguese
flirt course Brazilian Portuguese
  • You have just met someone from Brazil and don't want to lose contact?
  • You have butterflies in your stomach but don't know how to tell him or her how you feel while on the phone?
  • You are single and looking for true love in Brazil?
  • You are a romantic by nature, really enjoy romantic movies in Brazilian Portuguese and always wanted to know what your hero is whispering?
  • You work abroad and realise that your language skills are good enough for a marketing pitch, but you are not confident of inviting the colleague who always smile at you to a restaurant in Brazilian Portuguese afterwards.
Well, then this vocabulary trainer is made for you.
With the special vocabulary 'Flirting and Love' you will learn more than 1,400 words, perfectly prepared for fast and fun learning.

Language course: Learn to flirt in Brazilian Portuguese

  • For Windows / Linux / Mac OS / Android tablets & smartphones / iPads and iPhones
  • Latest version – completely revised in 2022
  • Well over 1,400 useful vocabulary words and phrases relevant to your everyday life
  • With lots of interactive learning methods
  • Structured according to 32 subject areas
  • 31 days money-back guarantee: Try the language course for yourself, if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund you 100% of the purchase price.


The Brazilian Portuguese-Special Vocabulary 'Flirting and Love' offers you the following

  • Learn and review a comprehensive vocabulary on the topic of flirting and love.
  • Over 1,400 words and phrases in Brazilian Portuguese are perfectly organised with your learning process in mind – making your learning experience seamless.
  • This vocabulary trainer will make talking to someone for the first time a lot easier.
    There are lots of suggestions for ice breakers that will make progressing into deeper conversations easier.
  • This makes learning vocabulary fun!
    The software offers different learning methods, tests and numerous innovative exercises – a fun and modern learning approach for every type of learner. To ensure success for everyone!
  • Unique long-term memory learning method developed by 17 Minute Languages:
    You will be learning the new language by using techniques that store the new words in your long term memory. Enjoy the most efficient way to learn!


Your guide to the Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary trainer on 'Flirting and Love'

This Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary trainer 'Flirting and Love' touches all the nuances of a language and the general flow of how a conversation might go.
Go with your own flow and imagine how a meeting might go! Follow your own instinct, just as you do in love.
Here is an overview of our guide:
Chatting, online dating, telephoning
For anyone using a computer or mobile phone when getting to know someone, these sections are the heart of the word and phrase collection.
This section will help those in long-distance relationships, unfortunately, they can't do without this either.
For whatever the reason, if you cannot communicate eye to eye this is the vocabulary trainer that will help you out.
The perfect place for your date
Of course, the location of your date or chance encounter plays a crucial role.
This vocabulary trainer will train you to the best of your ability here too.
Whether it's a hotel, restaurant or cafe, bar or disco, even at the workplace, there are circumstances to be taken into account everywhere, which are also reflected in terms of Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary.
Meeting that someone special
You will be given vocabulary and phrases worth knowing that take into account the individual stages of getting to know someone.
So from the very first contact, from the greeting, the art of conversation, to the new date.
Even the 'blind date' is given attention.
Especially for the more reserved who may need that little extra preparation before the first encounter.
What are the best words of greeting?
Can I show my gratitude with more than just a broad grin?
How do I say 'see you soon' in Brazilian Portuguese?
This vocabulary trainer has the answers.
Things to do together ...
We deal with vocabulary on the chapters walk, togetherness, intimacy and body.
We also repeat all the words and phrases we have learnt about different places.
You notice, actually, the Brazilian Portuguese special vocabulary covers all the important areas in the figurative as well as in the literal sense.
You will be prepared for all eventualities thanks to this vocab trainer.
...These and many more topics are covered in the special vocabulary 'Flirting and Love'.
In total, you will learn and work through 32 different lessons.
You will find the relevant vocabulary in order to teach you everything you need to know on the subject.
All vocabulary collections have been translated into an authentic and contemporary Brazilian Portuguese.
You learn really useful vocabulary.
Of course, all vocabulary has been recorded by professional Brazilian Portuguese speakers:
If you repeat the words regularly, you will learn the correct intonation and an authentic pronunciation.


This vocabulary trainer comes highly recommended if you ...

  • ... want to move abroad and start a family, but haven't yet found your ideal partner.
  • ... like to chat and flirt online or use a local dating agency.
  • ... have a partner from Brazil but do not yet speak Brazilian Portuguese yourself.
  • ... want to practise expressing yourself spontaneously and fluently.
  • ... are looking for your true love.
  • ... have a good sense of humour and enjoy learning languages.


31 Days
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Try the language course risk-free.
If you are not completely satisfied, you will get a 100% refund.
No questions asked.


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This software program will make learning Brazilian Portuguese fun and easy in breathtaking time.

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We first released this software in 2002.
Our developers revise it every year and with the greatest attention to detail.

Varied daily tasks:

Varied daily tasks and a huge selection of learning methods will motivate you to continue learning every day.

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With the long-term memory learning method and daily tasks tailored to you, you will learn Brazilian Portuguese in record time.

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