Intermediate Swedish:
Course for advanced learners (B1 / B2 CEFR)

"Prepare yourself for fluent comprehension with the Swedish Intermediate Course!"

intermediate Swedish
This course is different than other language courses:
  • You learn for only 17 minutes a day!
  • You learn quickly and efficiently:
    The program provides you with new and practical exercises everyday.
  • With this Swedish intermediate course, you will achieve the B1 and B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • This course does not have to be installed.
    This course is very user friendly and trouble-free to operate.
  • You started to learn Swedish with our Beginner's Course?
    That's great: This course builds upon the basic vocabulary you learned with the Swedish Beginner's Course.
  • This course offers suitable learning methods for all types of learners.
    This is what makes language learning really enjoyable!
  • After four months of study, you will have learnt a diverse advanced vocabulary.
    You will be able to converse fluently in Swedish.
At whom is this intermediate course directed?

The Swedish Intermediate Course is the ideal complement for anyone who already has basic knowledge of Swedish.
With the intermediate course, you learn new vocabulary quickly and successfully.
When you have completed this intermediate course, you will be able to hold a fluent conversation in Swedish.  
What does this Swedish Intermediate Course offer?

  • This course allows you to be a part of large and colorful community of language learners.
    Every user of our courses gets access to our 17-Minute-Languages-Insider-Learning-Community.
    Learners can exchange ideas, give each other helpful tips and make new friends there.
  • This course will give you a real feeling of success!
    With this language course, you learn for 17 minutes everyday!
    Our daily lessons provide you with a number of diverse exercises.
    See your progress everyday:
    It's really motivating!
  • You achieve fluency in Swedish.
    In the texts and dialogs of this course, you only focus on topics of everyday life.
    What do you need for a long stay in Sweden?
    You start work at a new job.
    You search for an apartment.
    You need a mobile phone.
    You make new friends.
    You only learn what you really need.
  • You expand your vocabulary.
    You learn over 1800 new words.
    You learn the vocabulary in this course systematically: All words are sorted by topic.
    You will be amazed at how quickly you are able to learn new words!
  • Our unique long-term method will amaze you too.
    We have developed a method with which you can learn Swedish in short order and speak it fluently.

You have chosen a successful and popular language course:

  • This is the newest version:
    The Swedish Intermediate Course was completely updated in 2019.
  • This is a successful learning system:
    More than 540,000 people learn a new language with us.
  • You learn everywhere and anytime:
    This Swedish online course runs with Windows / Linux / macOS / iPad / Android Tablets / Windows Tablets.
    You will learn online, so you don't need to install anything.


Swedish intermediate vocabulary: Everyday words you really need

With this intermediate language course, you learn a diverse and varied advanced vocabulary.
All of the words you learn are presented by topic.
That is how you learn quickly and expediently.
In the Swedish Intermediate Course, you learn vocabulary related to these topics: Buying souvenirs – A day at the zoo – Familial relationships – Horoscope – Religion – Politics – Communication – Settling differences of opinion – Expressing your feelings – Lovesickness – Marriage – Reading a newspaper – Safety – Arithmetic – Reading books – Writing a complaint – Athletics – Soccer – Vocabulary concerning crime – Dealing with the police – Hobbies – Enjoying leisure time – An evening in a bar – Illnesses Injuries – Conflict resolution – In the hospital – Body parts – Planning a trip – Animals Making appointments – Understanding instructions – Writing a letter – Traffic control – Vehicle failure – Auto parts – Purchasing or selling a vehicle Buying groceries – Fruits – Kitchen utensils – Moving to another country Searching for a new apartment Job market – Searching for a new job – Working abroad – Ordering online – Opening a bank account – Bargaining prices – Vocabulary for traveling – Solving problems In the countryside In the city – At sea – Buildings – Decorating and furnishing Watching television – Historical events – Catastrophes – Concerts – Music – Music instruments – Celebrating at festivals – And much more!
The Swedish Intermediate Course prepares you for challenging conversational situations.
You also learn to use and understand complex sentences.
When you work with this intermediate course, you can easily comprehend written and spoken Swedish.
Furthermore, you will possess a considerably high level of language comprehension that makes it possible for you to watch and understand television in Swedish.
You will learn over 1,800 new Swedish words in total.


Texts and Dialogs in the Swedish Intermediate Course

All vocabulary and dialog texts were recorded in studio by a Swedish native speaker.
You learn a clear, accent free pronunciation with the correct emphasis from the beginning.
You can read, listen to, repeat aloud and print out all dialog texts on the screen.
The texts and stories were developed by linguists with the cooperation of translators and native speakers from Sweden.

These are the topics of the dialog texts:

The Swedish Intermediate Course orientates itself around everyday language needs.
In the dialog texts, you familiarize yourself with realistic stories and everyday situations.
Accompany the two main characters of the course through the highs and lows of everyday life!
Together you will experience 42 stories such as these:
  • You go with both protagonists on a quest to search for a new apartment.
    They set up an appointment to view an apartment through a real estate agent.
    But deciding which apartment is better, is not as easy as it's cracked up to be...
But in the end, the decision is made to take a lovely apartment in the best location.
Even still, the following difficulties arise:
  • To pay the rent for the shared apartment, a joint bank account has to be opened.
    Where do you have to fill in what information on the form?
  • Anyone would like to furnish a new apartment nicely:
    "But what shall we put where?
    Don't we also want to renovate the kitchen a bit?"
  • New furniture and kitchen appliances often come with operating and assembly instructions.
    Having the ability to read and correctly understand these manuals can help make doing day to day things that much easier.
  • The new television has finally been delivered.
    The man of the house impatiently opens the package and would like to watch the soccer match as soon as the tv is plugged in.
    But to his horror: the remote control is missing!
    Who wants to stand up every time he wants to change the channel?
    There's only one thing to be done: write an email of complaint to the product manufacturer...
After an exhausting move to the new apartment, you have to treat yourself to some leisure time:
  • Cooking for friends can be very relaxing.
  • In contrast, an afternoon at the soccer stadium can offer you thrills and excitement!
A little weekend road trip for just the two of you makes for a nice change of pace:
  • Where should your trip take you?
    A trip to the mountains would be really quite nice.
    And we know of a cozy little hut there as well...
  • You can do great tours there on bike.
  • An accident almost ruined everything...
Relationships don't always run smoothly.
  • Conflict and lovesickness - it happens in the best of families.
  • As long as you can forgive one another, things will work out for the best ...
"Will you be my wife?"
A wedding is nice opportunity for the whole family to come together again.
  • Is your sister coming with or without her husband?
    Who is your brother bringing?
    Is your niece coming as well?
    Who can pick up grandpa with the car?
    There are still a thousand things to be discussed.
  • And it'll be an unforgettable celebration!
Big changes are again on the horizon:
  • Your job is no fun anymore!
    But you can make the change without hassle:
  • Read the employment ads and apply.
    But whether you get your dream job ...?
These and many other lovely, exciting, sad, funny and suspenseful stories are to be found in our intermediate course.
You will find dialogue in most of the stories so that you can practice speaking in the first person.
But you will also be quickly practising the telling of events: You listen to news radio and read newspaper articles.
The 42 dialog texts show you a language in it's everyday practical use!



The unique learning methods of the Swedish Language Course:

The heart of this Swedish course is in the long-term memory learning method and daily exercises.
The daily exercises ensure that you learn your new language for 17 minutes every day.
Exactly 17 minutes of learning material is provided by the daily exercises, hence the aptly chosen title of our courses.
In 17-Minute-Languages' insider community you have the opportunity to interact with many other highly motivated learners.
You get great tips and make new connections.

The long-term memory method of 17-Minute-Languages:

This learning method is based on the newest findings from research on vocabulary learning.
Every word to be learned will be repeated at precise intervals.
The long-term method works like this:
You learn a new word.
This word is then registered in the program.
The systematic repetition of the word begins immediately:
  1. First thing on the following day you have to correctly translate this word.
  2. The program then waits for two days.
    On the third day you will be prompted by the same word again.
    You then have to translate it correctly.
  3. The program then waits 4 more days.
    On the eighth day you will be prompted by the same word yet again.
  4. The program then waits a final 9 days.
    You have to correctly translate the word just one more time on day 17.
If you knew the word on each occasion, by this time you will never forget it!
It is permanently stored in your long-term memory.
(Important to know: If you forgot the word to be learned on any occasion during the repetition phase, the repetition starts again.)

With this learning method, you will learn all of the vocabulary in this Swedish course.
New words will be added to your lessons every day.
Your vocabulary will grow rapidly.
You can decide each day how you would like to learn the Swedish vocabulary:

  • If you wish to learn very thoroughly, you can also work with a written translation-program and fill in blanks.
  • For quick repetition, the program has a "Quick Revision"-function.
    You simply enter whether you know a particular Swedish word or not.
  • You can also learn with the Multiple Choice method:
    With this learning method, you will be given five, seven or ten words to choose from.
    Your task is to choose the correct translation.

Daily exercises for learning Swedish:

daily exercises There are various daily exercises integrated into this language course.
You get the following exercises every day:
vocabulary Vocabulary:
You learn new words and repeat the old ones with the long-term memory method as described above.

Texts and phrases:
The program presents you with plenty of text and phrases every day.
You have to complete various exercise related to the texts:
You have to read the texts.
You have to complete fill-in-the-blanks, whether they be whole words or single missing letters.
On other days you will get a text to read with appropriate questions designed to improve comprehension.
You get new and exciting exercise related to the texts every day.
With these concrete examples, you learn Swedish quickly and thoroughly.

Earn yourself points daily:
For every daily exercise you are awarded points.
When ever you have collected enough points, you reach the next level of the program.
In this way, you can see how quickly you've increased your knowledge!

17-Minute-Languages' insider community:

At the end of a lesson you can transfer your points to the online scoreboard.
It is absolutely free.
You do not need to register.
Compare your progress with other 17-Minutes-Languages' learners:
Here you can see the current top scores of all learners (from all languages courses) who have transfered their points to the scoreboard:
Top scores: The 1000 most successful 17-Minutes-Languages' learners
In addition, you can interact with and get support from other learners using 17-Minute-Languages.
You get great tips and can make new connections.


The Swedish language course offers a wide variety of learning methods.

You have many options to systematically improve your knowledge.
There is a suitable learning method available for every type of learner.
The following learning methods and tests can be chosen from:


Digital Dictionary and Search Option

Type a word in the search box and get it's translation.
You can look at all the vocabulary in dictionary form.
With one click you can listen to any word.


Fill-in-the-blanks texts are read in Swedish or English.
There are missing words in this texts.
Your task is to simply fill in the blanks with the correct words.
In this exercise you have a choice:
Would you like to work on the text in Swedish or English?
It is possible for beginners to blank out just the shorter words.
word jumble

Word Jumble

For this exercise, the words from a dialogue text are jumbled up.
You simply have to put the words back in the correct order.
With this exercise you work on building sentences in the foreign language.
reading exercise


In this exercise, you can read through all of the vocabulary and texts.
You can listen to every single word or line of text as often as you like simply by clicking on it.
You can choose between looking at a detailed picture or the plain text.
In this exercise, you will also find a printable version.
With one click, you can print out your current lesson or all of the lessons at once.
With this printed version, you can learn without the use of a computer.
quick show


The Quick-Show shows you the dialogue texts and vocabulary onscreen.
You can read them, listen to them and print them out.
You choose the speed at which you would like the texts or vocabulary to appear on the screen.
individual learning

Individual learning

Read or listen to the dialogue and vocabulary.
The correct translation will appear with one click.
For this test you can choose the language shown (Swedish or English).
quick repetition

Quick Repetition

Quick repetition is the fastest way to learn.
You will be shown vocabulary and phrases onscreen.
Think about the correct translation.
Click on "show answer".
Then tell the program whether you knew the answer or not.
For these tests you do not have to type anything in, which saves you a lot of time.
You can choose between Swedish and English from the language menu.
multiple choice test

Multiple Choice Test

Read or listen to parts of the dialogues or vocabulary.
Afterwards, choose the correct translation from multiple choice.
You will be shown between three and ten similar words.
The number of possible answers can be chosen by you.

Learning and testing through inputting text

This is the most precise way of learning:
Read or listen to parts of the dialogue, vocabulary and exercises.
Type in the correct translation and learn proper spelling at the same time.
hidden vocabulary

Hidden Vocabulary and Texts

Read or listen to the dialogue and vocabulary.
Cover up the individual phrases with either Swedish or English.
Think about the translation.
You can then uncover the correct answer with the mouse.
If you like learning with word lists, this is the best method.


Here a selection of vocabulary or dialogue text will be read to you by the program.
Afterwards, you have to type in the word or sentence you heard.
We recommend this exercise when you can already speak Swedish well and, above all, you would like to improve your spelling.
flash cards

Printable Flash Cards

The dialogue texts and the index cards can be printed out.
With these small cards at hand, you have flexibility and can learn on the go.
For this purpose, there are many versions available for you to print.
All you need is standard printing paper (or thin card) and a printer.
After printing, all that's left is to cut the index cards out.
And as simple as that you can start learning without a computer - where ever you may be!



Diverse Learning:

We have built many gizmos into the program so that learning remains fun and exciting.
repeat words Repeat the words until you know all the vocabulary:
In all of the tests, you have to type in the right words so often that you will be able to do the correct translation instantly.
Simple words stop appearing in the daily program after 2 or 3 repetitions.
More difficult words may be repeated 5 or 6 times.
Especially difficult words, which you often don't know, are asked even more often.
Most importantly we don't want you to have forgotten these words by the very next day!

effective repetition Seven words at a time:
After learning seven new words, the software will show you a table with a summary.
Learning seven words at a time is especially effective.
Now you can repeat these words again at a glance.

overview points Points, learning time and number of repetitions:
You can already see how long you spend with one lesson unit.
By the way, you won't be able to cheat:
The program will actually only show the amount of time you worked.
If you would like to take, say a one hour break, the clock stops ticking until you're ready to work again.
Every word allows you to see how often you have already repeated it today.
Words that you knew immediately will no longer appear in tests for this day.
Word that you are still having trouble with will continue to appear again and again.
For every word you know, you get points.
In this way, you can compare a day's learning with each other. You also see, for example, at which time of the day you learn vocabulary the quickest.

break A break after every 30 minutes:
Studies have shown that after a half an hour of learning concentration decreases rapidly.
For this reason, your language course will remind you every 30 minutes that you should take a break.
Stand up, go for a walk, drink a glass of water.
Afterwards, reinvigorated, you are ready for the next half an hour!
(You can, of course, ignore the reminder and immediately continue learning.)

pictures A wide variety of pictures:
If you know a word, you will see a new photo as a reward.
(We have also thought of something for you even if you answer incorrectly...)
When you see that the course is fun and rewarding, you will be motivated to see it through to the end!

tips Motivating tips throughout:
At regular intervals, you will get tips from our experts on how you can learn even more effectively.
Let us surprise you!



When you complete the beginners and the intermediate course you will have these benefits:

Building your career!
  • You will increase your professional opportunities now that you can speak Swedish more confidently.
  • You now have the skills to work in Sweden whenever you wish.
You stay in great mental shape!
  • Scientific studies have shown:
    Continued learning increases quality of life and life expectancy.
  • Train your brain!
    Studies have shown that learning languages helps stave off dementia and Alzheimer's.
You meet new people!
  • Every new language opens a door to a new world for you.
    You will meet many new and interesting people!
    Who knows: maybe the love of your life speaks Swedish?
  • Are you in a bilingual relationship?
    You can impress your partner by speaking Swedish!
Every trip will become an unforgettable experience!
  • Broaden your horizons as you travel to Sweden.
    If you can speak Swedish, your trip will become an unforgettable experience:
    You will understand the country and its people better.
  • When you can speak Swedish, you will be able to easily find your way in Sweden.
    You will be able to ask for information or ask the locals for help.
Make more of your free time!
  • You will be able to watch movies in Swedish!
  • What a joy it is to be able to read a book in Swedish!

  • Would you like to learn more effectively than would be possible with more traditional learning methods?
  • Do you need to achieve success quickly when learning?
  • Would you like to determine for yourself when, how much and where you learn?
  • Would you like to speak Swedish fluently?
Then the Swedish Intermediate Course is exactly what you are looking for!

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