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Do you have a question about your language course?

I did not get my access data. What now?

If you can not find your credentials in your e-mail inbox, please check your spam folder for security.
Sometimes our emails unfortunately end up there – without us being able to influence that.
If you can not find them there, it may be that your payment has not been received by us.
This may take 3 to 4 business days from the day of purchase.
Forgot your username / your password?

How do I log in to my language course?

You have received an e-mail from us after your payment.
There you will find access to your language course.
→ You have your access data ready? Perfect:
Log into your language course with your username and password:
→ You have decided on our language course and have paid for access?
Then you have received an e-mail from us with your personal access data.
If you have lost this email, please use the following link:
Forgot your username / your password?
→ You are currently trying out the language course in the free demo version?
After signing up for the demo version, we sent you an e-mail with a link.
This link takes you to a demo version of your language course and is valid for 48 hours.
You can test and get to know the language course in peace during this period.
By the way: If you decide to buy the course after the demo version, you can take the points from the demo version into your online course :)

How do I start my language course? Is there a startup guide?

In the e-mail with your access data you will find a PDF with a startup guide.
We hope that this will help you to start the course.
Here you can also download our instructions and save or print.

How can I change my username?

You can change your username / nickname if you want to click within your daily tasks on e.g. "vocabulary".
Before you start, please scroll down completely.
There you will find a small box above which is written:
"If you want, you can change your nickname here."
Then simply enter your desired name and click on OK.

How can I tell you my suggestions for improvement?

We work day by day to make our language courses even better and more user-friendly.
Do you have a good idea about this?
We look forward to your ideas and suggestions for improvement.
Please email us at .


You would like to try our language courses?

Can I try the language course for free? Is there a demo version?

You can get to know and try the language course free of charge and without obligation before you buy.
Register here for the free and non-binding demo version:

How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

Would you like to learn more about languages and language learning?
In our newsletter we send you a lot of information and offers for free.
To subscribe to the newsletter, please visit our website.
Top right you will find the opportunity to sign up.

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Of course you can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.
Please just open the last newsletter you have received.
At the end of the mail you will find a link where you can unsubscribe from the newsletter.


General questions about our language courses:

Which languages can I learn?

On our website 17 Minute Languages you can find all the languages we offer.
There are over 80 languages to choose from.
You have the choice of different levels for many languages.
For many languages we offer levels from A1 to C2!

Which levels are there?

We offer a wide range of language courses for many languages at different levels.
Beginners can start learning a new language with an A1 / A2 basic course.
Anyone with basic knowledge can start learning with a B1 / B2 Advanced Course.
Here is a small overview of the different levels we can offer you:

Travel course:
  • Target group: Beginner
  • Vocabulary: vocabulary for your holidays (450 words and useful phrases)
  • Contents: vocabulary & useful phrases
Basic course:
  • Profile: The most important vocabulary you will need in everyday conversation.
  • Target group: Beginner
  • Vocabulary: basic level (1.300 words)
  • Contents: Vocabulary & dialogue texts
  • Level CEFR: A1 + A2
Intermediate course:
  • Profile: How to have a natural and flowing conversation in a range of topics.
  • Target group: Advanced
  • Vocabulary: intermediate level (1.800 words)
  • Contents: Vocabulary & dialogue texts
  • Level CEFR: B1 + B2
Business course:
  • Profile: Communication skills that will boost your career
  • Target group: Advanced
  • Vocabulary: business vocabulary (2.000 words)
  • Contents: vocabulary & collection of useful and important dialogues and phrases
  • Level CEFR: B2 + C1 + C2
Proficiency Course:
  • Profile: Communication at a native level
  • Target group: Advanced
  • Vocabulary: proficiency level (2.100 words)
  • Contents: vocabulary on specialised topics
  • Level CEFR: C1 + C2

Our language courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
Check out at what levels your desired language is available.

Can I take a placement test?

Find out if you should start learning at level A2 or level B1?
For many (unfortunately not all) languages we offer you a small placement test.
Would you like to learn German, for example?
Then take our placement test here Placement test German.
How to find out if there is a placement test in your desired language:

  1. Visit the 17 Minute Languages website.
  2. Select the language you want.
  3. Look in the menu on the right to see if the link to the placement test appears there.

What do the language courses contain?

We offer languages in different levels.
With our learning method you will be able to learn vocabulary quickly and permanently.
As the name suggests "17 Minute Languages":
In as little as 17 minutes per day you can learn a new language.
Our software offers great flexibility and support for every type of learner, even those who have very little time.

Can I buy books on language learning from you?

Unfortunately, we do not (yet) offer your language course as a book / print edition.
But did you know that you can print all the content (vocabulary, phrases, dialogue lines) of the course on flash cards?

Are there any basic requirements like a particular operating system for using the language courses?

Our language courses are online courses.
When learning, make sure that your device accepts cookies and HTML5 data and that they are not deleted.
You can download the course from any smartphone (Android, iPhone, Windows), from any tablet (iPad, Android or Windows Tablets) and use from any computer running Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Linux or Mac.
You always learn where you left off last time, regardless of the device.


Do you have a question about our learning methods?

Can I learn the course without the daily tasks?

You can either opt for " guided learning" in your language course and then get daily assignments from the Daily Tasks.
With these tasks you can reach points.
With the help of these points, you can compare yourself with other learners on our Top 1000 list.
You also have the option to learn without the daily tasks with your language course.
In the menu of the language course you will find on the left side the item "Further learning methods ".
Here you can unfold a menu in which you can put together your own learning program.

How many words have I learned? Is there a statistic for me?

Any vocabulary you've already learned is stored in your long-term memory.
When you finish the tasks one day, the software will show you a statistic.
Here is an overview of how many words you already know.

How can I repeat a lesson?

You can also study at any time without the daily tasks - and repeat lessons.
Please click in the menu on the left side on: Further learning methods
Now you can choose the lesson you would like to repeat.
In addition, you have the choice here, whether you only edit the dialogue text again or learn only the vocabulary list in depth.

How does the scoring system work?

You get points for all completed tasks.
After completing your daily assignments, you can transfer your points online and compare yourself with other learners.
* Did you know? We have extended this feature for you: *
From now on a new task awaits you every day:
Each day is measured by other criteria.

  • Times include the learned vocabulary of the last 7 days.
  • Times count the learned minutes of the last 3 days.
  • And sometimes only the day just learned counts.
If you then transfer your points online, you can compare your learning success with other learners as usual.
You are not satisfied with your placement?
No problem! Just return to your language course, continue to learn and improve your mileage!

Where can I find more information about superlearning music?

We have developed together with our sound engineers and meditation teachers a next-generation super-learning music for you.
As you learn, you will hear a music that deepens you.
Within a short time you will be completely calm, take a deep breath and concentrate on the vocabulary.
Integrated into the music was the so-called "Binaural Beats" technology, through which you remember the words permanently better.
We recommend that you learn with headphones, because only then can the music unfold the full effect.
You can also use the superlearning music independently of the language course, for example if you focus on your work and want to work without distraction.
If you don't like the superlearning music personally, you can turn it off at any time.


You have another question for us?

We are happy to help:
Please send us an e-mail:

If you would like to send us a question about your language course:
Please send us a screenshot and name us on which device (desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet, iPad, etc) and with which browser (Firefox / Edge / Safari etc.) you are working.
So we can help you quickly, competently and purposefully.
Thank you!